Our Students Will Study in Cambridge, Oxford and KU Leuven
The students of İstanbul Şehir University will participate in academic studies in the prominent universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
​Sümeyra Bengisu Akkurt, the student of İstanbul Şehir University Psychology Department, was accepted as research assistant in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Sümeyra Bengisu Akkurt will be a research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Batja Mesquita for the studies about social identity, inter-group relationships, cultural effect on emotions and motivation in the Social and Cultural Psychology Center.

Gülnihal Aydınlı, the student of İstanbul Şehir University Sociology Department, will be the assistant of Dr. Peter McMurray in Faculty of Music in the University of Cambridge. Gülnihal Aydınlı, also the musician, will conduct studies on music sociology. Gülnihal Aydınlı has double major in Turkish Language and Literature and minor in History. 

​Rahime Aksa Boyraz, the student of İstanbul Şehir University History Department, will be co-author of an article on Ottoman economy with Dr. Geri Della Rocca de Candal in the University of Oxford. Rahime Aksa Boyraz will also work with Dr. Jeffrey Fynn-Paul in the Leiden University in the writing of a course book about the middle age urban history, which will be published by University of Cambridge during this summer. Our student has double major in the Law of School and she knows Russian and Classic Arabic as well as English.