"Çocukça Bir Direniş", the First Story Book of Asst. Prof. Hale Sert, Has Been Published
"Çocukça Bir Direniş", the first story book of Asst. Prof. Hale Sert, the lecturer in İstanbul Şehir University Turkish Language and Literature Department can be found in bookstores.
​​​In the book, published by Hece Publishing, Hale Sert tells the stories settled in the little sections of life and witnesses people’s pains, grief, joy and touches on their wound.

Çocukça Bir Direniş is a book in which Hale Sert tells the graceful stories by her imaginative language and talks over the life from the perspective of sometimes a little child or a grown-up or a mother. The stories invite the reader to witness a child's confused look, the face of a refugee mother, the braided hair of Zeynep and Sidre, which cut and left on the coast so that they do not "weight on".