"PKK Terörünün Analizi" (Analysis of PKK Terror), Written by Dr. Hüseyin Alptekin, is Out
The book, titled "PKK Terörünün Analizi" (Analysis of PKK Terror), written by Dr. Hüseyin Alptekin, the lecturer in ŞEHİR Political Science and International Relations Department, has been published.

"PKK Terörünün Analizi: Türkiye Terör Olayları Veri Tabanı" (Analysis of PKK Terror: Database for the Terror Incidents in Turkey), written by Dr. Hüseyin Alptekin, the lecturer in İstanbul Şehir University College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Political Science and International Relations Department, hit the shelves.​​

In the blurb of the book, published by SETA Publishing, the following has been stated;

This book was written to analyse PKK terror, which has been the most important security issues of Turkey for a long time, based on the incidents, and concrete data. All chapters of the book analyse different dimensions of the PKK terror utilizing data of the Türkiye Terör Olayları Veri Tabanı (Turkey’s Terror Incidents Database). 
In this context, 4 thousand 579 separate incidents, which consist of the PKK's terrorist acts and Turkey’s anti-terrorism operations, have been examined, and each incident was coded over 72 variables and prepared for the analysis.
The results of this analysis are discussed in different chapters of the book under the titles of casualties in terrorist incidents, target selection, attack tactics and types, types of weapons used, and unmanned aerial vehicle, which is a special anti-terrorism tool and weapon that has been increasingly influencing in recent years. The chronological course of terrorist acts, which targets are exposed to which types of attacks, the tactics and weapon types that are prominent in the fight against terrorism, the effectiveness analysis of these tactics and weapons are all discussed in this book.
We hope that this book will serve as an example for studies that do the documentation and data analysis of PKK terrorism.