Philosophy Talks - 32
What Unites a Society? Three Conceptions of Civic Solidarity
5/18/2017 5:00 PM
YER : Batı Kampüsü, 2003

Dr. Tuğba Sevinç Yücel
Boğaziçi University

"In this presentation, I examine different ways of civic solidarity, i.e. the solidarity of citizens in a political community. My thesis is that depending on what we take to be the source of our unity and togetherness with others in society, we will have different kinds of relations and varied capacities for civic solidarity. I sketch three distinct approaches to social unity and illustrate the corresponding conceptions of civic solidarity: nationalist, universalist and the joint activity (political and productive). I underscore that the joint activity view of civic solidarity draws more on what citizens "do together" in society as opposed to what they already "share" in common. In the conclusion, I point out the need for a pluralist conception, which seriously takes into account the diversity of our ties and relations in society."