Philosophy Department


PÇ 1. The ability to think critically and to analyze and criticize statements and arguments.
PÇ 2. The ability to utilize the methods of philosophical thinking and apply them in one’s social/practical life.
PÇ 3. An intellectual encounter with the philosophical heritage of civilizations from West to East.
PÇ 4. The development of professional skills and the ability to conduct research in both classical and modern languages.
PÇ 5. The ability to read and interpret the writings of the founders of the major western and eastern philosophical traditions.
PÇ 6. The ability to identify and analyze the basic concepts and essential problems of philosophy.
PÇ 7. The ability to write carefully, clearly and logically.
PÇ 8. Recognition of the scope of philosophy as a discipline and its relationship with other subjects from an interdisciplinary perspective.
PÇ 9. The ability to evaluate current world affairs within a philosophical framework and to offer alternative solutions to contemporary problems.
PÇ 10. The development of a life-long commitment to thinking, questioning and learning.

​​​Program Outcomes & Educational Objectives ​ Matrix: 
Course Code
Course Name 
PHIL 101/Logic I or Mathematical Reasoning5403045115
UNI 101           
PHIL 103Philosophical Thinking​4
UNI 100Exploring Istanbul​
MATH 103Calculus I4304012003
MATH 104Calculus II4304012003
UNI 111Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish I4113205013
UNI 117Understanding Society and Culture1423111054
UNI 123Textual Analysis and Effective Communication3101314013
PHIL 102 /Logic II or Critical Thinking5411045145
UNI 102           
PHIL 104Philosophy in Axile Ages1351442324
UNI 112Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish I4113224002
UNI 118Understanding Politics and Economy0213010043
UNI 124Textual Analysis and Academic Writing4104335003
UNI 137Mathematics fro Practice4304012003
UNI 201Formations of Modern Turkey I0020000022
PHIL 201Ancient Philosophy I: Plato2251541323
UNI 203Understanding Science and Technology1214021044
UNI 204Understanding Nature and Knowledge1242131344
UNI 205Understanding Science and Environment1222131343
PHIL 203Epistemology3434354334
UNI 221Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II4113224002
UNI 202Formations of Modern Turkey II0020000022
PHIL 202Ancient Philosophy II: Aristotle2251544123
PHIL 204Ontology4342452323
UNI 222World Civilizations and Global Encounters: Since 1300 CE0150321143
PHIL 301Islamic Thought1251431223
PHIL 303Arabic/Islamic Philosophy: Ibn Sina2252431223
PHIL 305Latin/Christian Philosophy: Aquinas1151430113
PHIL 302Modern Philosophy: Descartes-Leibniz3352432113
PHIL 304Philosophy of Religion1241531222
UNI 306History and Philosophy of Science4343252234
PHIL 401Modern Philosophy: Kant3342531223
PHIL 403Ethics2332352353
PHIL 402Contemporary Philosophy3424355334
PHIL 404Politics2332341353
PHIL 406Graduation Project3305205243
Elective Courses           
Course Code
Course Name
GRE 101Greek1034531002
LAT 101Latin1034531002
PHIL 211Anthropology2223320233
PHIL 212Philosophy of Art/Aesthetic1222230222
PHIL 213Chinese Philosophy1250420033
PHIL 214Indian Philosophy1150420033
PHIL 215Philosophy and Literature4221223212
PHIL 216Mysticism and Philosophy1242331212
PHIL 217Philosophy of Nature1140440212
PHIL 218History of Religion0140330222
PHIL 219Mythology0241320213
PHIL 220History of Philosopy3252531323
PHIL 222Philosophy in Late Antiquity0241410212
PHIL 223Advanced Logic4413134113
PHIL 224Classical-Aristotelian Logic3431322213
PHIL 225Arabic1034531012
PHIL 226Early Greek Philosophy2241410112
PHIL 304Philosophy of Religion2151430222
PHIL 311Eng.Empiricism:Locke&Hume2252431122
PHIL 312German Idealism:Fic.&Sch.&Hegel2230432122
PHIL 313Topics in Islamic Philosophy2251331212
PHIL 314Phenomenology4434355112
PHIL 315Philosophy of Language3211142102
PHIL 316Selected Philosophical Texts1240431233
PHIL 317Contemporary Philosophical Texts4424345243
PHIL 318Philosophy&Theology/Kalam1241432222
PHIL 319Philosophy&Economics1223231252
PHIL 321Philosophy of Mathematics2322141202
PHIL 322Philosophy&Psychoanalysis0201030232
PHIL 411Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences4414355232
PHIL 412Philosophy of Natural Sciences1321230343
PHIL 413Existentialism3241451222
PHIL 414Hermeneutics3221251212
PHIL 415Topics in Contemporary Philosophy4424355222
PHIL 416Philosophy of Tech./Bioethics1421030253
PHIL 417Philosophy of Mind/Nat.of Consciousness4424355242
PHIL 418Artificial Intelligence0301030242
PHIL 419Contemporary Turkish Thought0232131132
PHIL 422Contemporary Islamic Thought1322342242
PHIL 423Philosophy Of Cinema0321131233
PHIL 424Topics in Analytical Philosophy4424345323
PHIL 425Topics in Continental Philosophy3441531323
PHIL 426Topics in History of Philosophy3351531323​