Sociology Department


PO 1. Ability to produce interdisciplinary knowledge on local and global issues that concern different societies
PO 2. To learn the basics of qualitative and quantitative methods, to analyz data and explain them
PO 3. To know the emergence and development of sociology as a discipline
PO 4. To be acquainted with the theories and works of the classical and contemporary sociologists 
PO 5. To have a sound basis in the main contours of social sciences and a sociological imagination that help understand social phenomena in their historical contexts
PO 6. To acquire knowledge on the basic concepts and debates in the social sciences 
PO 7. To be immersed with the universal and scientific ethical principles
PO 8. To evaluate the contributions of the analysis and interpretation of social issues on a local and global scale as a sociologist
PO 9. To be acquainted with English and other languages in both reading and writing 
PO 10. To get social consciousness and sense of responsibility for local and global problems
PO 11. To use the proper communication tools as well as concepts and ideas that suit the target audience
PO 12. To understand the basic features natural sciences, mathematics and technology, and their place in everyday life as well as establishing the connections between them and the human sciences 
PO 13. To access, produce and disseminate the sociological knowledge in virtual space

​Program Outcomes & Educational Objectives ​ Matrix:
Course CodeCourse NamePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7PO8PO9PO10PO11PO12PO13
UNI 100Exploring Istanbul2200135413514
xxxCore Cluster III4200345445524
UNI 123Textual Analysis and Effective Communication210​

UNI 111Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish I1000115340424
UNI 117Understanding Society and Culture4253444444444
UNI 221World Civilizations and Global Encounters: Until 1300 CE4200444344424
xxxCore Cluster II3200345445554
xxxCore Cluster III4200345445524
UNI 112Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II1000115340424
UNI 118Understanding Politics and Economy4253444444444
UNI 124Textual Analysis and Academic Writing2100235354525
UNI 222World Civilizations and Global Encounters: Since 1300 CE4200444344424
SOC 201Sociological Imagination4253444444444
SOC 203Statistics2512354513534
SOC 225Research Methods2510124110202
SOC 230Sociology of Work and Organizations4343235345434
SOC 241Social Anthropology5135331312124
SOC 242Urban Sociology4144341412121
UNI 201Formations of Modern Turkey I3001423203232
SOC 307Political Sociology5334345445333
SOC 371Development of Sociology in Turkey3455533323333
UNI 202Formations of Modern Turkey II2001423203232
SOC 312Social Psychology3134454432524
SOC 331Social Theory I: Classics3155544211214
SOC 332Social Theory II: Contemporary Sociology3155544211214
SOC 334Social Change and Modernization5355545545534
SOC 413Sociology of Religion2134424444343
SOC 417Economic Sociology4122343435444
SOC 458Historical Sociology22344244443​44​
Elective Courses
Course CodeCourse NamePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7PO8PO9PO10PO11PO12PO13
SOC 207Introduction to Media and Communication Studies5135331312124
SOC 210Ethnography in/of Media4535331312124
SOC 221Social Stratification4122343435434
SOC 233Sociology of the Family4235331312124
SOC 244International Migration in a Globalized World4122343435444
SOC 254Power and Inequality4122343435424
SOC 256Population and Society3101341304224
SOC 260Social Movements4334345445333
SOC 261Welfare and Social Policy4112331324204
SOC 303Ottoman-Turkish Modernization2014424344324
SOC 305Nations and Nationalism4234345445333
SOC 315Social Networks4534345445335
SOC 321Sociology of Agriculture and Food4144341412121
SOC 323Public Space and The Contemporary City4135545545512
SOC 326Citizenship Multiculturalism and Globalization4123343435434
SOC 337Introduction to New Media4135331312124
SOC 344Urban Studies: Contemporary Approaches4244341412121
SOC 356Data Analysis25123545135
SOC 361Environmental Sociology4122343435544
SOC 368Sociology of Law2135545545512
SOC 392Sociology of Contemporary Muslim Experiences3014343514432
SOC 406Philosophy of Science2200345445554
SOC 411Selected Topics in Anthropology4135331312124
SOC 412Advanced Social Psychology3134454432524
SOC 414Political Anthropology4135331312124
SOC 415Sociology of Everyday Life5354555545554
SOC 418Globalization4122343435444
SOC 425Gender and Society5155441454524
SOC 427Identity, Culture and Ethnicity in Turkey4234345445333
SOC 439Globalization and the Muslim World4124343424433
SOC 441Europe and Islam4124343424433
SOC 446Anthropology of Information Technology4435331312124
SOC 451Urban Ethnography4544341412124
SOC 455Comparative Sociology of Religions3534424444343
SOC 461Society, Power, and Justice in the Middle East4123545444233
SOC 468Introduction to Urban Research Methods4544341412124
SOC 479Sociology of Labor and Employment4122343435424
SOC 480Anthropology of Health and Illness4335331312124
SOC 487Comparative Study of Revolutions3534424444342
SOC 490Current Issues in Sociology4253444444444
SOC 491Special Topics in Urban Studies4135545545512
SOC 492Selected Topics in Sociological Theory3155544211214
SOC 493Advanced Topics in Methodology2511124110232
SOC 494Recent Developments in Social Research2510124110222
SOC 496Independent Research in Sociology2511124110225
SOC 499Senior Thesis2510124110223