Translation and Interpretation Department

Program Learning Outcomes
1.     Thorough knowledge of the syntactical, morphological, semantic and pragmatic features of the Turkish and English languages which will enable their competent use at a professional level, both in written and in oral communication
2.     Familiarity with the cultural backgrounds of Turkish- and English-speaking communities around the world as they reflect on communicative situations where translation and interpreting are needed
3.     Mastery of the distinctive features, terminologies and phraseologies of various written and oral text types, and challenges related to these
4.     Familiarity with influential theories of translation, their evolution within the historical trajectory of Translation and Interpreting Studies as an academic discipline, and their links with adjacent fields of knowledge in the social sciences and humanities
5.     The ability to devise translation strategies in line with relevant theoretical frameworks to meet challenges arising from specific text types and communicative situations
6.     The ability to reflect critically on the role of the translator and the interpreter in history and in modern society
7.     Competence in a second foreign language, which can be applied to develop translation and interpreting skills in a new language pair
8.     The ability to locate and utilize necessary sources in various formats both for translation practice and for translation research, with a view to contributing to the existing body of knowledge in the translation industry and in Translation Studies as a discipline
9.     Sufficient knowledge of technological tools enabling the efficient completion of translation and interpreting tasks in today’s translation and interpreting industry 
10.  Competence in intercultural communication, which will help meet job-based requirements in a multicultural workplace in line with the ethical principles guiding the translation and interpreting profession

Course CodeCourse NamePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5​
TRI 101Introduction to Translation and Translation Studies I11555
UNI 111Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish I5450000114
UNI 117Understanding Society and Culture0500030005
UNI 123Textual Analysis and Effective Communication5450000114
UNI 101Mathematical Reasoning0000000010
UNI 102Critical Thinking0001120201
UNI 137Mathematics for Practice0000000010
MATH 103Calculus I0000000010
MATH 104Calculus II0000000010
PHIL 101Logic I0001120201
PHIL 102Logic II (Modern)0001120201
XXXLanguage Elective I0020005115
TRI 102Introduction to Translation and Translation Studies II1155540413
UNI 112Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II5450000114
UNI 118Understanding Politics and Economy0500030005
UNI 124Textual Analysis and Academic Writing5450000114
UNI 203Understanding Science and Technology0000000230
UNI 204Understanding Nature and Knowledge0000000300
UNI 205Understanding Science and Environment0000000100
XXXLanguage Elective II0020005115
TRI 201Technical Translation1151510210
TRI 203English Literature5530400004
TRI 205Linguistic5330400003
UNI 221World Civilizations and Global Encounters: Until 1300 CE0500030005
XXXLanguage Elective III0020005115
TRI 202Translation Technologies1151510210
TRI 204Media and Advertisement Translation1151510210
TRI 206Introduction to Interpreting1151540413
UNI 222World Civilizations and Global Encounters: Since 1300 CE0500030005
XXXLanguage Elective IV0020005115
TRI 301Translation Theories0125430500
TRI 303Consecutive Interpretation1151540413
XXXLanguage Elective V0020005115
UNI 201Formations of Modern Turkey I0500030005
TRI 302Literary Translation1151510210
TRI 304Simultaneous Interpretation I1151540413
XXXLanguage Elective VI0020005115
UNI 202Formations of Modern Turkey II0500030005
TRI 401Translation History0105350500
UNI 100Exploring Istanbul0500030005
XXXLanguage Elective VII0020005115
TRI 402Translation Criticism0134530500
TRI 404Senior Project1132400510
XXXLanguage Elective VIII0020005115
Departmental Electives
Course CodeCourse NamePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7PO8PO9PO 10
TRI 210Localization1151510210
TRI 310Translation of Political Texts1151510210
TRI 311Community Interpreting1151550413
TRI 312Translation of Economics Texts1151510210
TRI 313Medical Translation1151510210
TRI 314Translation of Legal Texts1151510210
TRI 410Translation of Social Sciences Texts1151510210
TRI 411Proofreading and Editing5150510130
TRI 412Translation of Subtitles and Dubbing for Film and Television1151510210
TRI 413Discourse Analysis5430400003
TRI 414Turkish-English Literary Translation1151510210
TRI 415Introduction to Cultural Studies0204010003
TRI 416Internship02204​

TRI 420Consecutive Interpreting II1151540413
TRI 421Simultaneous Interpreting  II1151540413
TRI 422Media Interpreting1151540413
TRI 423Simultaneous Interpreting Practice in Conference Situations1151540413