Double Major Program


Turkish Language and Literature

3 LIT or LING Course Code Departmental

Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesTheoreticalPracticalCreditECTS
LING 204Historical Linguistics of Turkish3034
LING 411Turkish Phonology3036
LING 412Turkish Morphology3036
LING 413Turkish Syntax3036
LING 414Discourse Analysis3036
LING 415Linguistic Methodology3036
LING 416Textual Linguistics3036
LING 417Dialectology3036
LING 418English Turkish Contrastive Analysis3036
LING 431Ottoman Paleography3036
LING 432Ottoman DiplomaticaLING 4313036
LING 433Translation3036
LING 434Translation Studies3036
LIT 205Literary and Linguistic Research Methods2024
LIT 404Graduation Project1437
LIT 411Ottoman Novel and Modernity3036
LIT 412Republican Novel and Modernity3036
LIT 413Modern Poetry3036
LIT 414Drama and Representation3036
LIT 415Modern Short Story3036
LIT 416Criticism in Modern Turkish Literature3036
LIT 417Literary Magazines3036
LIT 418Turkish Literature and Urban Experience3036
LIT 419Children’s Literature3036
LIT 421Advanced Literary Theory3036
LIT 422Literature and Gender3036
LIT 423Literature and Nationalism3036
LIT 424Literature and History3036
LIT 425Literature and Politics3036
LIT 426Literature, Psychoanalysis and Subjectivity3036
LIT 427Literature and Law3036
LIT 428Narratology3036
LIT 429Literature, Orientalism and Postcolonialism3036
LIT 431Ghazal in Classical Turkish Literature3036
LIT 432Qasida in Classical Turkish Literature3036
LIT 434Literature and Sufism3036
LIT 435Allegory in Classical Turkish Literature3036
LIT 436Gender in Classical Turkish Literature3036
LIT 437Indian Style in Classical Islamic Literatures3036
LIT 438Classical Turkish Prose3036
LIT 439Autobiography and Biography in Classical Islamic Literarures3036
LIT 441Creative Writing1436
LIT 450Economics Through Fiction3036
LIT 480Contemporary Literature and Social Change in Turkey0036