Cinema and Television

PO1. Will have a strong knowledge of the terminology, basic concepts and debates in cinema and television.
PO2. Will gain critical thinking skills and habits in the field of cinema and television.
PO3. Will express themselves in an original and creative way.
PO4. Will gain the skills to plan and develop ideas in a creative way as a cinema or television project.
PO5. Will be able to look at the world from an international, universal perspective while recognizing local values.
PO6. Will have a deep and comprehensive view of the history and culture of the moving image.
PO7. Will relate various theoretical and methodological approaches of social sciences and humanities into the fields of cinema and television.
PO8. Will have the habit of continuously improving the knowledge and skills that  gained by the program.
PO9. Will comprehend research methods related to cinema and television studies and have knowledge and skills about the information technologies and access to related resources.
PO10. Will have universal, scientific and professional ethical principles.

Course Code Course TitlePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6​
STV 501Sinema Çalışmalarında Teorik Tartışmalar5410344244
STV 503Sinema Çalış. Yöntem ve Araştırma5510325254
STV 505Belgesel Sinema Politikaları1344433224
STV 509Türkiye'de Sinema Çalışmaları1310552234
STV 512Sinema ve Ses2310332234
STV 519Erken Dönem Sinema: Seyirci ve Modernlik1310552234
STV 521Dünya Sinemalarının Erken Tarihi1310552234
STV 590Seminer4430345355
STV 591Bitirme Projesi4540335355
STV 599Yüksek Lisans Tezi4540335355