Curriculum - Non Thesis


Cinema and Television


Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesTheoreticalPracticalCreditECTS
STV 501Theoretical Debates in Cinema Studies3038
STV 503Methods and Research in Cinema Studies3038
--Program Seçmeli----38
--Program/Program Dışı Seçmeli----38


Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesTheoreticalPracticalCreditECTS
--Program Seçmeli----38
--Program Seçmeli----38
--Program/Program Dışı Seçmeli----38
--Program/Program Dışı Seçmeli----38


Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesTheoreticalPracticalCreditECTS
STV 591Graduation Project00010
--Program/Program Dışı Seçmeli----38
--Program/Program Dışı Seçmeli----38

Program/Program Dışı Seçmeli

Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesTheoreticalPracticalCreditECTS
SHR 501Urban Thought and History3038
SHR 502Urban Studies Workshop2238
SHR 503Method and Research Techniques3038
SHR 510The History of Istanbul3038
SHR 511Ottoman Cities and Urbanization3038
SHR 512Mediterranean Cities3038
SHR 514Urban Heritage and Preservation3038
SHR 515Modernization, Urban and Architecture0038
SHR 520History of Local Governments3038
SHR 521Discussions on Contemporary Local Governments3038
SHR 522Global – Local Policies3038
SHR 523Urban Transformations in Turkish Cities3038
SHR 524Metropolitan Management and Policies – Models and Analysis3038
SHR 530City Literature3038
SHR 531City and Cinema3038
SHR 540State and City3038
SHR 541Bağımsız Çalışma- I3038
SHR 542Bağımsız Çalışma- II3038
SHR 543İleri Şehir Çalışmaları Atölyesi3038
SHR 550Natural Disaster Sociology – Earthquakes and Cities3038
SHR 551Social Movements and Cities3038
SHR 552Race, Ethnicity and Urban Life3038
SHR 553Migration – National and International Processes3038
SHR 554Social Stratification3038
SHR 555Economic Advance in the inner City3038
SHR 556Organizational and Institutional Changes3038
SHR 557Social Exclusion and Urban Inequalities3038
SHR 558Social Politics and Comparative Welfare Economics3038
SHR 559Smart Cities3038
SHR 560Popular Culture Politics3038
SHR 561Social Demographics3038
SHR 562City Design and Planning3038
SHR 563Labour Structure and Employment3038
SHR 564Suburbanization and Unequal Geographical Development3038
SHR 565Public Management of Art and Culture3038
SHR 570Geographic Information Systems3038
SHR 571Ethnographic Methodology and Applications3038
SHR 572Data Visualization3038
SHR 574Comparative Urban Studies3038
STV 502Contemporary Debates in Cinema Studies3038
STV 504Cinema and Consciousness3038
STV 505The Politics Of Documentary Cinema3038
STV 506Philosophy Of The Image3038
STV 507Philosophy of Cinema3038
STV 508Popular Culture and Media3038
STV 509Film Studies in Turkey3038
STV 510Stardom and Cinema3038
STV 511Images Of Modernisation From The Cinema Of Turkey3038
STV 512Film and Sound3038
STV 513Intercultural Communication3038
STV 515Media Culture and Society3038
STV 517A Critical Approach to Image3038
STV 519Early Cinema: Spectatoship and Modernity3038
STV 521Early Histories of World Cinemas3038