​​​​​​​​​​​Registrations to Master's and PhD Programs

​Enrollment of students who are admitted to the ŞEHİR graduate programs are carried out by the Directorate of Student Academic Affairs in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.​

Click for 2019  2020 Academic Calendar​.​​

Registration Dates


for FALL SEMESTER of 2020 – 2021 Academic Year -EARLY APPLICATION PERIOD​-

Registration Period

20 – 24 July 2020​​


for FALL SEMESTER of 2020 – 2021 Academic Year -EARLY APPLICATION PERIOD​-

Registration Period

20 – 24 July 2020


for FALL SEMESTER of 2020 – 2021 Academic Year -EARLY APPLICATION PERIOD​-

Registration Period

2 – 7 August​ 2020

Registration Hours 

09:00 - 17:00

Registration Place 

İstanbul Şehir University Directorate of Student Academic Affairs (Dragos Campus, Rectorate building 1st floor registration office)

Registration Documents

​1. O​riginal of an ID Card
  • Original of Identity card (for Turkish and TRNC students) (Driving licence will not be accepted​)
  • Original of Passport (The original of passport is required for foreign candidates. If the passport is not Turkish or English they are required to deliver notarized translation of the passport.)
  • Original of Blue card (Dual nationality foreign candidates are renounced their Turkish citizenship by permission of the Ministry of Interior must submit the Blue Card.)
During the registration process, the identity cards are copied and their originals are given back. 
2. Original of Diploma/Interim Certificate of Graduation​
If the language of diploma/graduation certificate is not in English or Turkish, their notarized English or Turkish translations are required to be submitted.
Candidates whose diplomas or Interim Certificate of Graduation are not ready (on the condition that they submit the original diplomas once they receive) are required to submit official letter that they received from their schools about that they have graduated from the school and their diplomas are in the process of being prepared.
Students are required to submit the original of MA and undergraduate diplomas in the registration of PhD programs.​​
3. Original of Transcript  
Students should submit transcripts with their graduation information.
Diploma supplement is not accepted as transcript.
Students are required to submit the original of MA and undergraduate transcripts in the registration of PhD programs.​​
4. Photos (x2)
The photos should be taken within the last 6 months and in colour, so that the person can easily be identified. The name and surname of the student should be written behind each photograph.​
5. Document proving English Proficiency​ 
​STEP or one of the documents with exam scores accepted by our University should be submitted. (YDS/YÖKDİL/TOEFL/Cambridge/BEC/TOEIC/SAT)
Language proficiency document is not required for the programs educated in Turkish (except for MA Programs of Clinical Psychology, Cinema and Television, Urban Studies, Islamic Studies).
Students who are entitled to enroll in the Master of Business Administration (English) program do not have to submit a language proficiency certificate if they document that they have graduated from an English-language school.​
PhD students have to submit language proficieny certificate, they cannot take language proficiency exam organized by our University.
Students who have graduated from English undergraduate programs in our university are exempt from the requirement to provide English Language Proficiency.
International students who are accepted to Turkish programs are expected to prove their Turkish language proficiency with TÖMER (B2) certificate for MA programs and C1 for PhD programs. Candidates who do not have an exam result must contact ŞEHİR TÖMER. For detailed information:
6. ALES test result (Except for the candidates accepted by non-thesis programs)
Foreign students should submit GRE-GMAT document except for those accepted by MA programs of Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
7. Diploma Equivalency Certificate  
The students having TC or TRNC nationality and graduating from a foreign university are required to submit Equivalency Certificate. An official letter is required from the students who do not have a Certificate of Equivalence to indicate that they have applied to the YÖK Accreditation Unit. It is expected that the university where foreign students graduated is recognized by YÖK. Students whose university is not recognized by YÖK will be dismissed from the university.
8. Military Status Certificate​ 
All Turkish nationals are required to bring a "Military Status Document".
9. Military Service Declaration Form
All Turkish nationals are required to fill in the form then printed out and signed on the registration desk.
10. Criminal Statement Form
All Turkish nationals are required to fill in the form then printed out and signed on the registration desk. There is no need to get any documents from Court House.​ ​

Attention During Registration Process

  • The person to be registered is obliged not to submit false or misleading documents. Any student who is deemed to have a false or misleading document will be dismissed from the University. If that student has left the university, the diploma and other documents given to him/her are canceled and legal proceedings are conducted.
  • Needed documents must be presented whole and complete. Registration of the student with missing documents will not be approved, thus will not be completed.
  • Registration documents sent by cargo will not be accepted. Documents submitted to the Graduate Schools during the application cannot be used for registration.
  • All documents should be prepared in Turkish or English. Documents in other languages should be accompanied by their notarized translations in Turkish or English during the registration.
  • The registration dates specified in the Academic Calendar are the exact registration dates. Students are expected to complete the registration process within the related dates. Click for the Academ​ic Calendar​​.
  • Registration procedures will not be conducted for students who have been dismissed from higher education institutions because of their disciplinary punishments and whose documents have been falsified.
  • Students are required to perform their registration in person. Other than the student, their designated representative through notary public can perform the registration.​
  • In accordance with the provision that "Except for graduate programs without thesis, more than one graduate program cannot be registered and cannot be continued." in the Regulation on the Graduate Education and Training of the Council of Higher Education except for non-thesis programs, the student taking education in two separate graduate programs is dismissed from the university after the identification of it.
  • Students who are required to pay are expected to pay within the registration deadlines. Registration of the student who has not completed the payment will not be approved. Directorate of Financial Affairs can be consulted regarding payment conditions. (​

After the Registration

After registration is completed, e-mail addresses with and Student Portal information will be sent to our students. "Student Identification Form" in the Student Portal should be filled in.
You are expected to make all correspondence in-house via your assigned e-mail address with

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