ŞEHİR English Proficiency Examination (STEP)
​​​​​​​İstanbul Şehir University
English Placement Examination (DBS)
English ​Proficiency Examination (STEP)

Who Can Apply?

İstanbul Şehir University’s graduate programs that are in English:
  • ​Those who can not submit one of the English Language Proficiency certificates, which are among the application conditions until the deadline, 
  • ​Those who wish to receive admission on condition that they are studying in the English Preparatory Program, 
can apply to the English Placement Examination (DBS) and English Proficiency Examination (STEP). 

Candidates applying for PhD programs cannot take the English proficiency exam that our university organizes.

Exam Details 

​1. English Placement Examination (DBS):
All candidates who do not have the requirements for English proficiency in the application requirements of the graduate program must enter the English Placement Examination (DBS).
As a result of this free exam, all candidates whose English level is "intermediate" and above are eligible to enter the STEP.
Candidates who achieve the intermediate level and those who do not get enough points from the STEP are offered the opportunity to develop language skills in İstanbul Şehir University English Preparatory Program with a very limited quota framework and approval of the relevant graduate program coordinator.
Candidates who achieve below the middle level are considered as unsuccessful in the exam and are not evaluated by the graduate program.
The test duration is 50 minutes.​
2. English Proficiency Examination (STEP-Sehir Test of English Proficiency):
All candidates who have a "intermediate" level or higher in the English Placement Examination can enter the STEP. 
STEP consists of two parts, written and oral.
Written exam duration is 155 minutes. Speaking exam is held the next day. Applicants will be notified in writing of the oral exam at the end of the written exam.​

Exam Calendar


2018 – 2019 Academic Year Fall Semester Applications (Early Application Period)

English Placement Exam (DBS)

2 May 2018 – 11:00

​English Proficiency Exam (STEP) - Written Exam

4 May 2018 – 10:00

English Proficiency Exam (STEP) - Oral Exam

4 May 2018 – 14:00-17:00

2018 – 2019 Academic Year Fall Semester Applications (2nd Application Period)

English Placement Exam (DBS)

​3 September 2018 – 11:00​​

English Proficiency Exam (STEP) - Written Exam

​5 September 2018 – 10:00

English Proficiency Exam (STEP) - Oral Exam

​6 September 2018


2017 – 2018 Academic Year Spring Semester Applications

English Placement Exam (DBS)

12 February 2018 – 11:00

English Proficiency Exam (STEP) - Written Exam

13 February 2018 – 10:00

English Proficiency Exam (STEP) - Oral Exam

13 February or 14 February 2018


1. Candidates are required to mark the "I am going to take STEP" option on the online application system (apply.sehir.edu.tr​). Candidates will receive the entrance documents from the School of Languages Secretariat 1 hour before the English Placement Exam (DBS). Candidates should bring 2 photographs with them in order to be able to receive the examination entrance documents. 

2. The results of the English Placement Examination (DBS) will be announced on the day of the exam. All candidates whose English level is "intermediate" as a result of the English Placement Examination (DBS) are eligible to enter the STEP. STEP is a paid exam. Candidates can deposit the exam fee after the results of the English Placement Examination (DBS) are announced. The examination fee is 200 TL including VAT. Payments for candidates who do not enter the examination, if they pay the examination fee, will not be refunded.
Account Name İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi
Bank: Halkbank
Branch Name: Cevizli Branch
Branch Code: 1340
Account No: 10100429
IBAN: TR96 0001 2001 3400 0010 1004 29
3. Candidates are required to bring an official identification document (identity card, student ID card, passport, etc.) along with the entrance examination certificate. Candidates who come with only the exam entry document will not be taken to the exam without an ID document.

​​Write to us​ for all questions about the English Proficiency Exam for İstanbul Şehir University graduate programs.