Students who graduate with an M.A. in History should be able 
1. To recognize the theories and methodologies commonly used in the discipline of history,
2. To understand the basic assumptions, advantages and limitations of major schools of historical interpretations, 
3. To recognize historians’ role in shaping the images of the past and the role of contemporary political, social, economic, and cultural contexts in shaping historians’ perspective,
4. To conduct historical research based on appropriate and critical use of primary sources,
5. To demonstrate basic proficiency in research methods, asking sensible research questions, pursuing answers carefully, building sensible arguments based on findings (relying on available primary and secondary sources), and expression of findings coherently and clearly,
6. To demonstrate a degree of competence in the field of either Islamic history or Ottoman/Turkish history as a primary focus.
7. To develop oral presentation skills, in delivering talks, teaching, or leading class discussions,
8. To be adequately prepared for doctoral programs in history or humanities, for students who choose to continue their education.

Required Departme​​ntal CoursesPÇ1PÇ2PÇ3PÇ4PÇ5PÇ6PÇ7PÇ8
HIST 501 Historiography in Global Perspective55444145
HIST 510 Approaching Ottoman History43545545
HIST 530 Approaching Urban History44355545
HIST 550 Approaching Islamic History43545545

Departmental Electives​
HIST 513 Religion and Politics in Turkey22543544
HIST 537 Ottoman Artistic and Architectural Culture32453544
HIST 573 Ottoman State and Economy34453535
HIST 581 Texts in Ottoman Turkish I        
HIST 593 Ottoman Turkish Paleography I33322253
HIST 534 Istanbul: Capital City of Empires        
HIST 594 Ottoman Turkish Paleography II        



Graduates of the PhD Program in History will be able;
1. To demonstrate a critical knowledge of the major theoretical and methodological trends in the discipline of history, and of the historiography of their fields of specialization.
2. To conduct original research based on primary sources, and to examine these sources systematically, critically, and even-handedly.
3. To demonstrate a mastery of at least one foreign language other than English and a research language related to the dissertation topic. 
4. To prove competence in a broad range of fields as well as in-depth knowledge of certain areas of specialization –by passing comprehensive examinations in one major and two minor fields of history, completing an original dissertation, and passing a final oral examination. The dissertation will serve as the capstone project that demonstrates the graduate’s capability to conduct original research of high quality and to present findings in conformity with the formal standards of the discipline.

Required Departmenta​​l CoursesPÇ1PÇ2PÇ3PÇ4
HIST 601 Historiography in Global Perspevtive5534
HIST 610 Approaching Ottoman History4534
HIST 630 Approaching Urban History4534
HIST 650 Approaching Islamic History4534
HIST 670 Approaching Economic History4534

Departmental ElectivesPÇ1PÇ2PÇ3PÇ4​
HIST 622 Ottoman Legal History
HIST 623 Scholars, Sultans and Law in the Ottoman Empire3534
HIST 684 Ottoman/Turkish Musical Tradation in Cultural Context3534