Islamic Studies

1. Will produce an interdisciplinary knowledge for the classical and modern problems concerning Islamic sciences.
2. Will know the basics of data collection methods from classical and modern sources, analyze the data and interpret them.
3. Will know the emergence of Islamic sciences as a discipline and the dynamics which led to development of them in history.
4. Will be familiar with the works and theories of the classical ulema as well as contemporary scholars.
5. Will have a strong background and imagination which helps to understand problems of the classical ulema in historical contexts
6. Will be familiar with fundamental concepts and discussions in Islamic sciences.
7. Will be able to write an MA thesis using appropriate methods, terms and sources successfully.

Course Code Course TitlePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7
ISS 501Kuran ve İslami İlimler2455550
ISS 502Sünnet ve İslami İlimler3455550
ISS 507Araştırma Teknikleri0​​
ISS 522Teşekkül Döneminde Kaynak Tartışmaları3555550
ISS 535İslam Mezhepleri Literatürü4445520
ISS 536İslam Siyaset Düşüncesi Klasikleri4435530
ISS 537Klasik Asırlarda Fıkıh, Toplum ve Literatür5455550
ISS 590İslami İlimler Semineri1211000
ISS 599Yüksek Lisans Tezi4525005