Modern Turkish Studies

1. To develop the skill to analyze and apprehend, core areas of study of Modern Turkey in the context of social sciences, in terms of theories and methods.
2. To apprehend, combine, comment, problematize and create new knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach on Ottoman Studies, information regarding Ottoman background and Modern Turkey, in addition to 20th century Turkey, benefiting from the interaction between various disciplines of social sciences.
3. To evaluate major topics and problems in Turkish Studies based on comparative analyses both in different eras within country and in different experiences of similar countries.
4. To analyze concepts, topics and facts relating to domestic politics and foreign policy with their all complexity by studying historical, social, political and cultural dimensions of 20th century Turkey; to develop scientific visions.
5. To use information and communication technologies at a high level while providing accumulation of knowledge by reaching scientific resources and data which contains most current information in research areas on Modern Turkey and extends beyond lecture books.
6. Taking the attained apprehension and information a step forward; To analyze a selected research question with the most suitable research method and technique and by using “new approaches” if necessary.
7. To develop the ability of being open to “innovative” thoughts and analytical thinking in the process of asking scientific questions and seeking an answer.
8. To evaluate and discuss theoretical and practical information and abilities attained in the area of Modern Turkish Studies with a critical approach; to be able to transfer output in written and verbal formats with a true and appropriate in terms of form and content.
9. To proceed a study, which requires specialization in the field, independently; or to provide contribution of information, responsibility and taking initiative.
10. To be able to express theoretical and practical information attained regarding the field of study with a competent English in verbal and written formats.
Course Code Course TitlePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7PO8PO9PO10
MTS 501Issues in Turkish Politics5545554555
MTS 523Turkey and Middle East4555544355
MTS 531Turkish Foreign Policy:Theory & Practice54555454​
MTS 590Graduate Seminar5545355455
MTS 599Master Thesis5445455555