Political Science and International Relations


Required Courses
Course Code Course TitlePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7PO8PO9PO10PO11PO​12
POS 504 Methodology of Political Science and International Relations455503355454
POLS 501 Advanced Seminar in International Relations553555555452
POLS 530 Advanced Seminar in Comparative Politics554555555452
POLS 531 Advances Seminar in Pol.Theory405544555452
POLS 590 Graduate Seminar220200045344
POLS 599 MA Thesis553555545455

Elective Courses
Course CodeCourse TitlePO1PO2PO3PO4PO5P​O6PO7PO8PO9PO10PO11PO12
POLS 505Contemporary Issues of International Law455503355454
POLS 510Inter.Poli.of the Middle East553555555452
POLS 511Middle East Politics554555555452
POLS 512Pol.Econ.of the Middle East455503355454
POLS 513History,Culture and Religion in the Middle East553555555452
POLS 514Conflicts in the Middle East554555555452
POLS 515Late Ottoman Political History553555555452
POLS 516Islam and Politics554555555452
POLS 520Comparative Politics of Civil Society455503355454
POLS 532Democratization: Theory and Practice553555555452
POLS 533Political Violence and Terrorism554555555452
POLS 534Identity, Ethnicity and Nationalism455503355454
POLS 535Media and Politics553555555452
POLS 536Comparative Revolutions455503355454
POLS 537Identity, Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution553555555452
POLS 538Political Thought in Classical Islam554555555452
POLS 551Theory and Pratice of Turk.Foreign Policy455503355454
POLS 552Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis553555555452
POLS 553Turkish Politics and Multiparty Democracy554555555452
POLS 554Contemporary Issues in International Political Economy455503355454
POLS 555International Security553555555452
POLS 556Emerging Global Powers554555555452
POLS 558Geopolitics of Energy and Environment455503355454
POLS 561European Politics553555555452
POLS 562Europe and the Middle East554555555452
POLS 563Iss.in Russian Politics and Fore.Policy455503355454
POLS 564Politics of East Asia553555555452
POLS 566Issues in the Caucasian and Central Asian Politics554555555452
POLS 567Pol.in the Balkans&Central and East Europe455503355454
POLS 568International Politics in Eurasia553555555452
POLS 569American Politics&Foreign Policy554555555452
POLS 570Conf.Analy.and Resolution554555555452
POLS 571Selected Topics in Political Science and International Relations455503355454
POLS 573Religion and Politics in Turkey455503355454
POLS 576Islamıc Political Thought in Turkey425544555452
POLS 581Reading in Ottoman Politcal Thought I405544555452
POLS 582Reading in Ottoman Politcal Thought II405544555452