Advanced English Program
The purpose of Advanced English Program within the context of Core Curriculum is to help Istanbul Sehir University students in critical reading and writing and help them gain the knowledge and skills related to this either with its content or presentation.
The core of these courses is to help students develop different perspectives within the framework of English novels, examine the period when these novels were written and evaluate the factors that have changed or not from that time till today.

Within the framework of the fiction and academic texts selected for the Advanced English courses, students are expected to participate in in-class discussions about the subjects treated in these texts, to do different writing assignments such as report and a response paper. As the final assignment of the course, students are required to write an academic paper.

Avoiding plagiarism is one of the foremost academic writing principles which are aimed to be rendered to students. In this vein, students are taught to cite reference for the ideas taken from different sources and the principles they must adopt while doing this.