Professional Development Unit

İstanbul Şehir University English Preparatory Program (SEPP) recognizes that the development of its staff is an essential component of meeting its vision; thus, instructors working at SEPP have the advantage of being in an environment rich with professional development opportunities. To serve that purpose, all teachers are strongly encouaged to;
    • ​​attend or present at In-Module Workshops which will be held regularly by Professional Development Unit, by members of our staff on specific teacher needs,
    • go through observations so that they gain a deeper understanding of the ŞEHİR English Preparatory Program (SEPP) and system; grow awareness of the institution’s expectations from them; have an opportunity to evaluate their teaching practices and heighten their awereness of learners,
    • ​develop specialized areas of interest in the field, to conduct research in the classroom/institution, to publish articles on that research, and to present at national and international conference.