Modular System
​İstanbul Şehir University English Preparatory Program (SEPP) implements a modular system comprising 4 levels each of which lasts 8 weeks. Only the first module of the fall semester lasts 9 weeks.
The levels in the program are;
    • ​​A1
    • A2
    • B1
    • B2 
Each level's curriculum follows an integrated approach to the teaching of language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). 

In A1 and A2 levels, students learn general English, and in the B1 and B2 levels students learn theme based academic English

Assessment and evaluation system is also prepared in coordination with our education system, with a process based approach. According to this system, students are assessed during the 8-week-module through a midterm exam, process writings, oral presentations or video projects, group discussions, homework and vocabulary quizzes. 

Module assessment grades and the Module End Test (MET) grade are combined to form the students’ letter grade:
    • ​A = Very Good
    • B = Good
    • C = Pass
    • F = Fail
Students must earn a "C" to move ​up a level in the program. Students that fail the attendance requirement receive an "F" from assessments and repeat the level with different books and instructors.

Students must attend a minimum of 85% of the ŞEHİR English Preparatory Program (SEPP) classes. Those who exceed the absenteeism limit of 15% are not eligible to sit for the Module End Test (MET) and are required to repeat the same level.