Frequently Asked Questions


​​​1. What is "modular system"?
The modular system consists of 4 eight-week modules including the summer module. Only the first module of the fall semester lasts 9 weeks. After 8 weeks of instruction, students take the final exam in the 9th week and have a six-day break before the new module starts. There are four levels: A1, A2, B1 and B2. If a student starts from A1, for example, s/he has the opportunity to finish all the levels by the end of the spring semester.​
​2. When I begin the program, how is my English level assessed?
Students are given a 50-minute, multiple-choice placement exam that assess their grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension. According to the results they get from this exam, they are placed in one of the levels at SEPP. If they receive the required grade from the English Placement Test, students become eligible to sit the ŞEHİR Test of English Proficiency (STEP) in September.​
​​​​3. How is my English assessed during the modules?
Students' English level is assessed through alternative assessment tools as well as the paper-pen tests during the modules. In every level, there is a midterm and a module-end test besides some quizzes. Alternative assessment tools may vary from level to level, but some examples of such tools are process writing, and oral presentations. 50% of a student’s module average is made up of in-module assessment components such as the midterm exam, process writing, and oral presentations. The other 50% is the Module End Test (MET).​​
​​​4. What is a "tutorial"?
In addition to office hours, students are also provided with individual, one-on-one tutoring once a week with their instructors. Each tutorial session takes about 15 minutes. Tutorials are mandatory for students at all levels. In tutorials, you can ask your instructors about topics that you do not understand and receive feedback on your studies. ​
​​​5. How do I pass to my department?
The exit exam for ŞEHİR English Preparatory Program is the STEP (SEHIR Test of English Proficiency). Newly enrolled students first sit the English Placement Test, and if they get the required grade from this exam, they are invited to sit the STEP in September. Students whose STEP scores are 60 or above are allowed to start their departmental studies. 
Other students can take the STEP exams in January, May, July, or September if they complete the B2 level successfully and do not exceed the absenteeism limit. Students whose STEP scores are 60 or above can start their freshman year. 
For detailed information about the other English language exams recognized by İstanbul Şehir University, please visit "Exemption from the SEPP​" webpage.​
​​​6. When are holidays and festivals? 
For all important dates, please check "Announcements" section.​
​​​7. Is class attendance mandatory?
Yes. Students are required to attend 85% of their classes. There is a zero-tolerance policy for lateness. If students are late for class, they are considered absent for that hour.​
​​​8. Am I allowed to use photocopied or used books?
No. Pirated books are not accepted. Students can purchase books at the bookstore located in the Campus. You can use second-hand books.​​
​​​9. What books do I need?
The program uses a variety of course books. Your teacher will tell you which books to buy on the first day of each module. All books at SEPP are sold at the bookstore in the Campus The level books must be bought by the end of the third day of the module.​​
​​​10. Are there extra study materials available?
İstanbul Şehir University instructors prepare worksheets, activities, and visual and audio materials specifically for students. Teachers often upload these materials to Moodle, so students are highly encouraged to check Moodle every day.​
​​​11. Can I object to exam results and other graded assessments?
At the beginning of each new module, a meeting is held by students’ former teachers so that students can see their most recent MET exam papers. If students object to their exam or assessment results, they may submit a written petition stating the class and reason for their objections to the SEPP administration. The petition must be submitted directly to the SEPP Secretariat within three days after the announcement of the exam results.​


​​​12. What if I get sick and have to miss an exam or assessment component?
Students are required to provide a health report from a fully equipped hospital in the event of illness. This health report must be submitted within three working days after the exam or assessment component is held. Students are given the opportunity for make-up sessions for oral presentation, group discussion in the presence of a teacher. Students take make-up exams for MET and midterms with totally different content. Students cannot take a make-up exam for the vocabulary quizzes, reading quizzes and the SEHIR Test of English Proficiency (STEP) even if they submit a health report. ​
13. Is there a doctor on campus?
There is an in-house clinic and a doctor on call. These services are free of charge and available during school hours.​
​​​14. What if I have a family emergency - such as a death in the family- and have to miss school?
If there is a family emergency, the student submits a written and signed letter to the directors of SEPP stating the nature of the emergency, and the management will decide on if/when the student can re-sit exams.​
​​​​15. Are there counseling services? 
Students should never hesitate to ask for help if they have a problem, no matter what the problem is. It is for this reason that two licensed psychologists are available to meet with students during school hours at the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center. This service is free to all students. The center supports students with all emotional, social and academic problems (for example, test anxiety, coping with life in Istanbul and adjusting to living in the dormitories). All sessions are confidential. Appointments can be made via e-mail at ​​


​​​16. Where are the teachers from and what are their qualifications?
Approximately 30% are international and %70 are Turkish nationals. Almost all of them have advanced degrees in English language education (such as Ph.D., Master’s, DELTA, etc.) and at least 3 years of teaching experience. 
17. Can I contact my teacher outside of class? 
Students can visit their teachers during office hours or e-mail them for guidance regarding their studies. Teachers are on campus between 8:30 and 17:00 from Monday to Thursday. Our teachers are not available on Friday afternoons. ​


​​​18. What happens if I am accused of cheating?
Your instructor submits an incident report form to the management of SEPP and the case will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee.​​
​​​19. What is an incident report form?
These are written reports of cheating or misbehavior. Students receive verbal warning for misbehavior prior to an incident report. If misbehavior continues, an incident form is completed by the teacher. The form is then signed by the student. If similar behaviors persist, an ethical committee is set up in order to come to a decision.​​


​​​20. What if I have financial issues?
Visit the Financial Affairs Office for details. They can be reached at​
​​​21. Do I get an allowance for food, books and other necessities?
For details, please visit "Scholarships" webpage. ​


​​​22. Is there wireless Internet access throughout the university?
Yes. All university premises benefit from a secure wireless network coverage. The password can be obtained from the IT department. However, please note that this technology is not to be abused. Students are prohibited from using the Internet for non-academic purposes (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) during class hours. Downloading non-academic files (torrents) and viewing illicit material are also prohibited. The Internet at Istanbul Şehir University is meant to be a tool for learning.​​