Placement Test

About English Placement Test

This test has four sections with varying number of questions: grammar with 30, vocabulary with 30, listening with 20, and reading with 20 questions.
The students will have 50 minutes to answer the questions and transfer their answers to the optical answer sheet.​

In the Grammar section, students will choose the most appropriate option to fill in a blank in a dialog or a sentence given for each question.
Sample Question:
John: I really want to join the conference at BT company. Can you find a ticket for me?
Carol: Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t. You know I quit my job last month. If I still _______ there, I could definitely help you.
a) am working
b) worked
c) work
d) have worked

In the Vocabulary section, students will choose the best lexical item that completes a sentence for each question. 
Sample Question:
The initial purpose of this online language course is to _______ your vocabulary knowledge by providing you with a wide range of authentic texts and informational videos of your interest. 
a) expand
b) approach
c) require
d) conduct

In the Reading​ section, students will answer the questions related to the sentences or paragraphs that they will read.​
Sample Question:
Even though many people overreacted to the new policies about employment, the government could calm them down with reasonable expressions. Many people.......
a) found the new policies reasonable
b) felt calmer after the new policies
c) were dissatisfied with the new policies at first
d) made some explanations to the government

In the Listening section, students will hear either a question or a statement. If it is a question, they will choose the best option that answers the question. If it is a statement, they will choose the best option that corresponds to the statement.