Minor Program


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Course CodeCourse NamePrerequisitesTheoreticalPracticalCreditECTS
HUK 101Introduction to Law3035
HUK 103Civil Law I2235
HUK 105Constitutional Law I2235
HUK 106Constitutional Law II2235
HUK 205Criminal Law I2234
HUK 206Criminal Law II2234
HUK 207Law of Obligations I2234
HUK 208Law of Obligations II2234
HUK 305Commercial Law I2234
HUK 306Commercial Law II2234
HUK 405Labor and Social Security Law I3034
HUK 406Labor and Social Security Law II3034
HUK 407Law of Criminal Procedure I2235
HUK 408Law of Criminal Procedure II2235
LAW 203International Law I2024
LAW 204International Law II2024
LAW 210Philosophy of Law2024