Life Began at the Dragos Campus
The education started in the Dragos Campus that will be one of the most important academic center of Turkey.

​​​İstanbul Şehir University, offering students brilliant career opportunities with its genuine, participant, universal, liberal perspective and enriched staff, opened Dragos Campus with the Orientation Program held in October 30th, 2017.

​​​The first lecture of the 2017-2018 Academic Year was given by Prof. Dr. Ömer Dinçer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees​

In the Dragos Campus, one of the greenest campuses in Turkey, nearly 5000 students will have education in the 2017-2018 academic year. The first lecture of the Campus was given by Prof. Dr. Ömer Dinçer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Many guests notably Mehmet Ali Pulcu, AKP Deputy of İstanbul, Altınok Öz, Mayor of Kartal and students attended to the Orientation Program, in which President of İstanbul Şehir University Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan informed participants about the Dragos Campus and its facilities.​

All academic and social facilities offered all together​

Çelikcan told that İstanbul Şehir University, which was founded in 2008 and admitted its first students in 2010, is young and dynamic and added “30 years of knowledge of the Foundation for Sciences and Art underlies this young and dynamic university. For such a university passing to the Dragos Campus is the beginning of a new era. The Dragos Campus, one of the biggest and greenest campuses of Turkey, offers students natural, clean and peaceful environment with its newest classrooms and laboratories, rich library, dormitories, sports centers, cafeterias and restaurants offering various options and alternative areas for socializing and studying. At the same time, the Dragos Campus is a bicycle-friendly campus built by setting up a bicycle substructure in Turkey.”​

One of the known university libraries in Turkey is at the Dragos
Pointing out the heart of a university is its library, Çelikcan said “We are conscious of necessity for us to have a very substantial library in order to achieve our academic aims; thus we created a library among the most important libraries of İstanbul and even Turkey. Along with the library of the Foundation for Sciences and Art, our library gives access to 575 thousands of printed and electronic books. So, there will not a book which our  students and researchers search but do not find.”

“We will be the most prestigious university in our region.”
Having talked in the first lecture drawing great attention from students Prof. Dr. Ömer Dinçer, Chairman of Board of Trustees, said, “We laid the foundation just 13 months ago and today we are here. We are dreaming of a multilingual and multicultural campus having international research environment. This is just beginning. Our university’s vision is to become one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey and in our region as a world-renowned institution for higher learning and research. Our mission is to seek for the good, the true and the beatiful, to understand the human being, the society and the nature and to share the knowledge gained from this search and comprehension with humanity. One who does not have a claim cannot reach anywhere. We have a claim and we will achieve this claim all together.”

It makes difference with its Board of Trustees 
The Board of Trustees headed by Prof. Dr. Ömer Dinçer includes Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar, nobelist scientist, Zeynep Bodur Okyay, a leading name in business and CEO and President of Kale Group, Vahap Küçük, CEO of LC Waikiki and Haluk Dortluoğlu, CFO of BİM. All of them share their experiences in business and academic world.  

It contributes to the future Turkey with its powerful academic staff  
ŞEHİR forms most of the faculty members from the academic staff whose PhDs were completed in the best universities in USA and Europe and who have worked in the universities abroad. In this context, ŞEHİR supports the brain drain conversely. The faculty members of ŞEHİR contributes to the future Turkey with their projects in addition to the rigorous education they give. Among the academic staff choosing İstanbul Şehir University there are significant names in their own field such as Kemal Karpat, Mehmet Genç, Ayşe Soysal, Cem Behar, Mustafa Özel, İsmail Kara, Ensar Gül, Erdem Başçı, Ergun Özbudun, Ferhat Kentel, Mesut Yeğen, Serap Yazıcı, Macit Kenanoğlu, Mehmet Ali Büyükkara, Nurullah Ardıç, Mehmet Fatih Uslu, Ahmet Faruk Aysan.