2019 - 2020 Academic Year Spring Semester External Transfer Applications for Associate Degree
Application dates: 24 December 2019 - 3 January 2020
Announcement of results: 10 January 2020
Registration dates: 13 - 17 January 2020

Diploma programs with the same names or at least whose 80% of the contents is determined to be same by the relevant college/school board of directors are considered equivalent. The diploma program that the candidate wishes to transfer to must be equivalent to the diploma program in which s/he is currently registered.

Registration Status
Candidate must be registered student. (Suspending the registration is not an obstacle for applying.)

Study Period
Transfers cannot be made to the preparatory program of the associate and undergraduate degree; the first and last semester of the associate degree programs, and to the first two semesters and the last two semesters of the undergraduate degree programs.
In the 2019 - 2010 academic year spring semester, transfers can be made to the second and third grades of the undergraduate programs and the second grades of the associate degree programs. 

Academic Achievement
For external transfer, the student must have a GPA of no less than 60 over 100 (2.29 out of 4.00). Students who fail to meet the success requirement mentioned above but have central placement scores equal to or higher than the base score of the degree program to which they wish to transfer may apply for transfer.

For international applications;

In applications made by international higher education institutions, the institution of higher education and the program in which the candidate is studying should be recognized by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) as an institution authorized to provide undergraduate diploma.

ÖSYS Result or Equivalent Document 
For the students who began to study in 2016 and before, they must have the success requirements announced in the OSYM guide in the related years.

Please clic​k here​ for information on the transfer of students who are Turkish citizens from international higher education institutions to higher education institutions in Turkey as of 2017-2018.

OSYM equivalent documents are as follows:
  • ​​SAT 1 (M​inimum 1000 points)
  • ACT (Mi​nimum 21 points)
  • Abitu​r (Minimum 4 points)
  • Fr​ench Baccalauréat (Diploma grade minimum 12)
  • GCE A​ Level Certificate (Minimum 2 courses)
  • Internati​onal Baccalaureat IB (minimum 28)
  • Matur​a Reifezeugnis (maximum 2)
  • Italy Diploma di Maturita (minimum 70)


  • Original identity card: The original will be returned after the photocopy is taken.

  • Student Certificate: A document prepared by the registered higher education institution, which shows that the person is still a registered student at the time of application. The student certificates of candidates who apply from higher education institutions in Turkey should have information about the student's disciplinary status. If not, a document stating the disciplinary status of the candidate must be submitted as an annex. Those who are dismissed due to the acts, failures or non-disciplinary actions listed in Article 10 of the Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulations cannot apply for transfer to the University programs.

  • Transcript: A transcript showing all courses taken, grades, and grade points, prepared by the registered higher education institution. If the transcript does not contain descriptive information about the grading system and the language of instruction, documents containing that information should also be included.

  • Course Descriptions and Content Information: Documents containing detailed descriptions and contents of the courses specified in the transcript.

  • Document for Exam Result: ÖSYS placement result and detailed score table or photocopy of one of the above-mentioned equivalent documents.

  • High School Diploma: Photocopy of the diploma taken from high school.

  • English Proficiency Certificate: Any of the English proficiency certificates specified in the application conditions.

  • Passport: Copies of the page containing the picture and identity information in the passports of the applicants from the international higher education institutions and the pages of the applicant's years of study at the institution (for foreign students and T.R. students studying abroad).

  • Certificate of Return from Overseas: A certificate stating the applicants for transfer from the higher education institutions abroad due to the termination of the state duty of their parents or the final return of workers to the country 

All documents must be prepared in Turkish or English. In other languages, certified translations in Turkish or English must be submitted in addition to their originals.

Transfers are conducted in accordance with the Yükseköğretim Ku​rumlarında Ön Lisans ve Lisans Düzeyindeki Programlar Arasında Geçiş, Çift Anadal, Yan Dal İle Kurumlar Arası Kredi Transferi Yapılması Esaslarına İlişkin Yönetmelik and İstanbul Şehir University Instruction for Internal and External Transfer​


ProgramYearsPoint TypeQuota for DomesticQuota for Abroad1st Grade Total Quota
Justice (Evening education)2TYT11516
Computer Programming
Computer Programming  (Evening education)2TYT213
Child Development
Child Development (Evening education)2TYT527
Photography and Videography
Graphic Design
Graphic Design​ (Evening education)2TYT000
Construction Technology
Occupational Health and Safety
Social Services
Public Relations and Publicity
Interior Design

* Applicants from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be evaluated on the foreign quotas.

The evaluation of the applications is done by the transfer commissions. The Commission submits its proposals for the acceptance of the candidates to the board of directors of the relevant school and the proposals are finalized by the decision of the board of directors.
The names of all students whose application for external transfer is accepted are announced on the website on the date specified for the announcement of the results and information file about the registration is sent to the candidates.
Accepted students are required to register with the required documents and pay the tuition fee on the dates specified for their registration to the university.

As of the academic year in which the transfer is made, the tuition fees determined for the newly registered students are applied. In 2019-2020 academic year, the tuition fee for associate degree programs is 23,900 TL including VAT. 

İstanbul Şehir University Directorate of Student Academic Affairs
​Address: Orhantepe Mahallesi, Turgut Özal Bulvarı, No: 21, 34865 Dragos, Kartal/İstanbul 
Phone: 44 44 0 34 (You can call without dialling the code number via all operators from all around Turkey.)
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