TÜBİTAK Support to the Research of ŞEHİR Academics on Earthquake Communication
"Communication of Science among Scientists and Citizens" was entitled to be supported by TÜBİTAK ARDEB SOBAG. 
The project called "Communication of Science among Scientists and Citizens: A Research on the Expected İstanbul Earthquake", in which Assoc. Prof. Ebru Kayaalp, the lecturer in Cinema and Television Department, worked as coordinator and Assoc. Prof. Uğur Cevdet Panayırcı, the lecturer in Public Relations and Advertising Department, as advisor, will be supported by TÜBİTAK. 

The project will be supported by Research Support Group for Social Sciences and Humanities (SOBAG) under the Presidency of Research Support Programs (ARDEB) in TÜBİTAK. Also, Ali Özgün Konca, the lecturer in Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Department of Geophysics, will be one of the researchers of the project.​