ŞEHİR PhD Student Emine Öztaner accepted by UC Berkeley
ŞEHİR PhD Student Emine Öztaner will be a guest researcher in UC Berkeley. Öztaner will work on the study called "Typologies of Early Modern Ottoman Cities: Social and Spatial Analysis of 17. Century Ottoman Neighbourhood".

​​​​​​​​​Emine Öztaner, who is the PhD student in the History Department of Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences in İstanbul Şehir University, was entitled to research by the TÜBİTAK 2214/A International Research Fellowship Programme (for PhD students). Emine Öztaner will work and study about her thesis called "Typologies of Early Modern Ottoman Cities: Social and Spatial Analysis of 17. Century Ottoman Neighbourhood" in Berkeley for a year.

The thesis, studied under the advisory of Dr. Yunus Uğur in İstanbul Şehir University, traces phase by phase how and to what extent an Ottoman neighbourhood appeared in the late 16th century changed along with what kinds of dynamics during a century. In this framework, the economical, demographical and urban grow in Üsküdar during 16th and 17th centuries will be visualized by the help of HGIS (Historical Geographic Information Systems).

Emine Öztaner will conduct her studies under the advisory of Christine Philliou, the lecturer in the History Department in Berkeley, which hosts many researcher from various countries.

Emine Öztaner stated that TÜBİTAK would fund for her project for a year, and added the criteria for this support; "The original value of this project lies in the fact that it is a study that will allow us to follow the gradual development of Üsküdar's urban identity from the 16th century onwards. In addition, I will have the opportunity to enrich my doctoral dissertation with the methods of digital social sciences with my experience in Berkeley. I believe my experience of one year at Berkeley will increase my academic competence."