ŞEHİR Ranks Among Universities with the Highest Student Satisfaction
İstanbul Şehir University ranks among universities with the highest student satisfaction in terms of campus life and learning opportunities.

​İstanbul Şehir University ranked 14th preserving its last year’s rank on the basis of "Overall Satisfaction" covering all universities in the "Turkey University Satisfaction Survey 2019", held by ÜniAr (University Assessment and Research Laboratory). İstanbul Şehir University, in the A+ group, ranked 8th like in the last year in the list of "Overall Satisfaction" among foundation universities.

The satisfaction level has increased for the campus life and learning opportunities

The campus life in the Dragos Campus, one of the largest and greenest campus in Turkey, and learning opportunities offered by İstanbul Şehir University have gained appreciation by students. İstanbul Şehir University has risen 7 ranks more for "Campus and Campus Life Satisfaction" and ranked 20th among all universities. Therefore, it has been among universities in A+ group with high level of student satisfaction due to the campus life offered in Turkey. İstanbul Şehir University has increased its score for "Learning Opportunities and Wealth of Resources" and risen 8 ranks more and ranked 14th.

As one of the pioneer research universities of Turkey with a wide range of awards and degrees gained in national and international areas, İstanbul Şehir University put its signature under important academic successes with almost 6000 students, 2500 graduates, almost 1000 international students from 83 countries. İstanbul Şehir University has taken a number of project support, patent, award and degree with its academics and students studying in different areas such as Engineering and Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Communications, Law, Islamic Studies, Management and Administrative Sciences, Technology Transfer. Also it was chosen as "The Fastest Rising University" in the survey for "The Most Favourite Universities 2018", held by Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey magazine.