Refund Conditions
​Students who stay in dormitories can end their agreement before the semester ends. In the following conditions, students will get refunded:
During the Fall or Spring Semesters;
a) 90% of the dormitory fee is refundable if the room is vacated one week or less than one week before the date when courses begin, as specified in the University’s academic calendar. All of the fee is refunded for those who leave earlier.
b) For those who depart after the courses have started, all of the accommodation fees for the months passed, as well as the current month, are taken. For the remaining months, 70% of the fee is refunded. Service Procurement Contract is terminated.
​​c) Refunds are deposited into the specified bank account within seven days of the request for refund being received from the student. Refunds require an approved Dormitory Termination Form, along with the refund request, must be submitted to the Financial Affairs Directorate and be approved by the Directorate of Dormitories.
Refunds are not given to students who have registered for the Summer Semester and wish to terminate their contract and leave dormitories after the Summer Semester classes, as specified in the University’s academic calendar, have begun.