Campus Security
​​In order to establish a safe education and living space in the ŞEHİR, Private Security Service is given according to Law No. 5188 based on (24) hour in Dragos Campus.​ In addition, it is aimed that security services will be carried out more effectively and efficiently by establishing "Security Management" affiliated to our University.

The Campus has three gates in total. It is possible to enter for pedestrians and vehicles from the Sahil (Coast) entrance, and only for pedestrians from the Cevizli and Rectorate entrance.

The Entrance Card for ŞEHİR students and staff and Visitor Card for visitors are given for the entrances through turnstiles and entrances and exist are made under the control.

Our campus has car parks for staff, visitors and students. For those who wish to benefit from the staff and student park areas, parking disks are given for a fee. Entrance and exit of vehicles are also monitored by Number Plate Recognition System.

The traffic safety in the Campus and administration in relation to tobacco use are followed in the security unit.

The camera systems available at the campus are monitored and followed at the Camera Monitoring Unit.

ŞEHİR students can contact to Security Officials at phones stated below for any help needed.
T: 0216 559 91 55 or 44 44 0 34 / 9155

Security Office is located on the 2nd floor G104 in the Student Center.

Click here​ for İstanbul Şehir University Guideline for Vehicle Use on Campus and Parking Lot Traffic Procedures and Principles.