​​​​​​Providing services to students and employees 7 days a week, the Sports Center has a Fitness Center; and you can ask for a personal training programs from our expert fitness trainers, in order to acquire a fit body, and a healthy life. Our Multi-Purpose Studios located at the Sports Center have periodical Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Power Crunch, Bosu Cardio, Funy Jumps etc. classes. You can join the exercise group classes, and participate in personal Reformer Classes. 
You can take group/personel tennis classes from our expert tennis coaches at the tennis courts within the campus, and you can use the tennis courts personally by making reservations.
In your free time, you can use our basketball/volleyball courts. You can participate in the sports tournaments called the “ŞEHİR Cup”, “Rectorship Cup” in the areas of football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, foot tennis, etc., make new friends and develop your current friendships by attending the Campus runs such as the “Spring Run”, “Rectorship Run”, as well as the fun Bicycle Races. You can reserve and use the Football Fields located within the campus. Do not forget to always keep your student ID with you while using all of our sports facilities.

​For detailed information about sports activities, you can contact Sports Activities Office via​.