Student Clubs
As an essential part of academic studies, student clubs are integral parts of university life.

​​Students clubs are active and productive environments in which intellectual skills are developed along with the academic studies; and projects and ideas spring to life with an organized socialization while enabling communication.

İstanbul Şehir University Student Clubs has a variety which can provide ŞEHİR students with an atmosphere that has the required vision and infrastructure ideas for individual attempts, project teams, groups and ideas of ŞEHİR which aims to gain an international vision while supporting scientific progress with values. ŞEHİR Student Clubs, which enables ŞEHİR students with a career plan to test themselves, provide them an atmosphere in which they feel at ease with social and cultural activities.

In İstanbul Şehir University, there are student clubs in various fields and disciplines. Şehir Foto Club, Şehir Drama Club, Music Club, Management Club, Engineering Club, ITEC (Information Technology and Engineering Club), IDC (International Debating Club), Şehir Debating Club, Gastronomy Club, Psychology Club, Club Cultural, Organization and Trip Club, Polithink Club, Volunteers Club of Şehir, Cine Club, Şehir History Club are some of the wide range of clubs.