Posters of the 27th Istanbul Jazz Festival Were Designed by ŞEHİR Lecturer Onur Aşkın
This year's posters of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) Jazz Festival were designed by Onur Aşkın, Lecturer at İstanbul Şehir University, Graphic Design Department.

​​​The 2020 campaign of the İKSV's Istanbul Jazz Festival, the 27th of which will be held this year, was prepared by Onur Aşkın, the lecturer and Graphic Design Program Chair of Istanbul Şehir University Vocational School, under the leading of the Design Advisory Board which is consisting of Uğurcan Ataoğlu, Pemra Ataç, and Kenan Ünsal.

In the posters of Aşkın, which is inspired by street vendors who are the heralds of the summer, there are figures such as simit sellers, ice cream-sellers, macun sellers, and balloon-sellers that we are familiar with seeing them on the streets of Istanbul.

The 27th Istanbul Jazz Festival will meet music lovers between 27 June and 14 July. The festival, which will host over 250 local and foreign artists, will be held in 25 different venues of Istanbul.​