The Archive of Talât Sait Halman Is Very Valuable Source for Academics and Researchers
The 7-ton archive of Talât Sait Halman, the first Minister of Culture in Turkey, has been brought from America and Ankara to İstanbul Şehir University.
​​​The archive of Talât Sait Halman, who was the first Minister of Culture and one of the greatest contributor to the Turkish literature by his translations from world literature and also a poet, author, academics, diplomat and politician, was donated to İstanbul Şehir University by his daughter, Defne Halman and Dr. Jayne Warner. The archive was introduced by a conference. His archive, brought in more than 400 boxes and weighs 7 tons from America and Ankara, will be a valuable source for academics and researchers, which includes significant books, articles, letters and essays. 

The significant archive of Talât Sait Halman, the first Minister of Culture in Turkey, is now in the library collection of İstanbul Şehir University and was introduced by a conference which was held on October 23th, 2019 in Dragos Campus.

The participants have been informed about the valuable works in the archive donated to the İstanbul Şehir University by his daughter Defne Halman and Dr. Jayne Warner, who worked with Talât Sait Halman for 40 years, gave speech as well as Prof. Peyami Çelikcan, the President of İstanbul Şehir University and Prof. Engin Akarlı, the lecturer in the History Department.

Prof. Peyami Çelikcan: "Halman visited our University 9 months before his decease.”
Prof. Çelikcan pointing out the archives of important researchers, scientists, artists and institutions in the İstanbul Şehir University such as the archives of Taha Toros, Mehmet Fuat Köprülü, Şerif Mardin, Kemal Karpat, Cüneyd Orhon, Zeynep Orhon Targaç, Osman Öndeş and Tekel. Also, he added; "We are very glad to enrich our library with such a significant collection. Halman was very successful diplomat, politician and academics as well as a very precious translator, author and poet. He was also one of the greatest contributor of Turkish literature by translating Yunus Emre’s works into English and Shakespeare’s works into Turkish. We had been very happy to host him when he visited our university for the event called 'Turk Shakespeare'. Today, 9 years after his visit, we are very honoured to have such a significant collection which will be a very valuable source for researchers in our library. It was a long path for us to get this 7-ton archive in our University but we did it."

Dr. Jayne Warner: "We brought 400 boxes from 4 different locations in America.”
Dr. Jayne Warner thanked İstanbul Şehir University members for their dedication to bring the archive to Turkey on behalf of herself and Halman’s family. Dr. Warner informed us about the archive: "We brought Halman’s archive in more than 400 boxes from 4 different locations in America. Also, we carried his archive in Ankara to here. A majority of the collection is comprised of his own 80 books, essays, book criticisms, poems, lecture notes and thousands of articles published in Turkish newspapers. The collection also contains a library which includes very valuable pieces and more than 10 thousands of books and magazines. The collection also has the correspondences of Halman with the important authors, poets, artists and politicians of Turkey, his awards which he got as UNESCO Turkey’s representative and the Minister of Culture and, the award of “Knight Grand Cross” by Queen II. Elizabeth. In addition, there are his personal belongings such as his special table, typewriter, cufflinks, and ties."

Prof. Engin Akarlı:
Prof. Engin Akarlı, the lecturer in the History department, gave speech about the process in which the archive was brought to the University, and also added; "To bring this valuable archiveof Talât Sait Halman, which is a very important cultural heritage, to İstanbul Şehir University was a very long and tough process but it was worth it. The greatest contributor of this process was Dr. Jayne Wayne by her dedication. The book about the biography of Halman, called ‘Turkish Nomad: The Intellectual Journey of Talat S. Halman’ written by Dr. Wayne is a reference biography not only about the story of Mr. Halman, but also the story of Turkey. The archive of Halman, containing thousands of valuable works like this, will enrich our library, which already has significant collections. I think it will be a great chance for the researchers and academics that use this archive as well as for our University."

Thank you plaque from Prof. Çelikcan
At the end of the conference, President Prof. Peyami Çelikcan gave Dr. Jayne Warner and Prof. Engin Akarlı thank you plaques for their dedication and support to bring this archive to the library of İstanbul Şehir University.​