Strategic Vision, Field Studies and Suggestions for an Action Plan in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Areas, İBB, BİMTAŞ (2015-2016)
This project was jointly prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate for Cultural Heritage Protection, BIMTAS and Center for Urban Studies.
​It aims to holistically conserve four districts in the UNESCO World Heritage List in Istanbul, which are Zeyrek, Sultanahmet, Karasurları and Süleymaniye. In addition, it aims to offer new suggestions to the historical field of Istanbul, Fatih, Uskudar, Eyup and Beyoglu.

According to the progress of the project, primarily, strategic objectives, vision and mission will be determined by the project team and after that, spatial development of Istanbul will be generally investigated and evaluated under the conservation framework. In the second place, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Areas, particularly Spain and Italy, will be analyzed in terms of management plans and conservation policies.

The main issue to be considered in the project is to be people orientated. Another important issues are to abide by the conservation strategies, cultural identities and increasing life quality. The methods used in the project are survey, interview and focus group. In addition to these methods, several workshops will be organized about the conservation of the cultural heritage sites. At the end of the project, all consecuences and datas obtained from workshops will be evaluated by the project team and lastly, they will be prepared as a report and printed as a book.