About Us
İstanbul Şehir University (ŞEHİR) is a new university established in 2008 by a foundation in Istanbul which has been supported arts and social sciences since the 1980s. ŞEHİR now has 8 colleges/schools consisting of 40 undergraduate programs and 3 graduate schools including 20 MA and Ph.D. programs. It has about 5,000 undergraduate and around 1,000 graduate students. Among them there are about 1,000 international students for the language of education is in English in many departments.
​The University also has 7 research centers and many research labs. One of these centers is the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS). It is a young and ambitious center, establishes itself as the forefront research center on urban studies in Istanbul.  Starting from its foundation in 2011, within a very short time, CUS have proven its strong competence in urban research through attracting national and international funding for doing research, through excellent communication with national and local organizations, central and local governments, and strong personal networks with international research networks. Should present trends continue, with its academic and applied research projects, CUS presents high capacity to transform itself into a regional center of excellence.

CUS attempts to side-step the fragmented and partial approaches of conventional social science research and to produce representations and visualizations of uncharted social, cultural, historical, socio-economic landscapes, metropolitan and urban ecology, and governance systems. The research staff has a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, and reputable quantitative and ethnographic research expertise on social-spatial aspects of urban development in Istanbul. Part of the Centre’s activities now is focusing on graduate work & program on Urban Studies.

The Strengths of the CUS

  • Working with Big Data about the cities
  • Making Historical Data Analyses
  • Eclectic Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Data Visualization and Digital Urban Studies  (GIS, Spatial and Network Mappings)
  • Field Studies

The research at the Center for Urban Studies focuses on three main themes ​

Urban History and Heritage Cities (focus on Istanbul and cities in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire)
  • Analysis, representation, digital visualization and monitoring of economic & social landscapes
  • The emergence, consolidation and transformation of cities
  • Urban Heritage

Social and Spatial Change and Continuity
  • Contemporary urban geographies with special emphasis on Istanbul and the cities in Turkey
  • Comparative urban studies and global urban ethnographies
  • Global city networks and Local narratives of global cities

Demographic Transitions and Migration Studies
  • International and internal migration (Refuges) patterns
  • Social integration and social exclusion