Support for Researchers
ŞEHİR supports and promotes the allocation of the required environment and time for scientific research activities and production, and sharing the results.
​Academic promotion and assignment processes have been designed so as to be based on scientific research and production. With reduced course loads, it is provided that academicians spend much more time on their scientific studies. Furthermore, they can carry out research development activities for industry, public and society as they are allowed a day off.  In addition to this, our faculty members are provided with scientific congress participation support for their participation in scientific gatherings in and outside Turkey. ​

Research Scholarships​​​

Undergraduate and Graduate students who are assisting to the research activities of the scholars are granted scholarships. Students who participate in research projects which are supported by public and/or international funds are supported by these resources.​


More than 130.000 print and electronic books, 22.600 electronic journals, a collection consisting of over one   million full text electronic theses and multi-media are available for our researchers. Each publication required by our academicians is purchased by the library and those which are not available are acquired from other libraries and information centers. In addition, various special collections including manuscripts and rare books are added to the library resource so that our researchers can have access to first hand source. The library is open 7 days a week. In addition, a large part of the sources are available for the users over library portal 7/24 without any limitation. 

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