Center for Urban Studies


​​İstanbul Şehir University Graduate Program, Urban Studies will firstly focus on urban history, city geography, urban sociology, local governments, demography and population movements, migration, art and architecture, city data and big data analysis, geographic information systems (GIS) and visualization, urbanization in Istanbul and Turkey in the context of research and intellectual production, -in parallel with the studies in the Center for Urban Studies within the university. Master theses will be encouraged to be selected from these fields.
Within the scope of 10 courses of 30 credits and graduation project, you can find the opportunity to examine the city definition and perception, analysis of urban community and current urbanism debates and solution proposals by focusing on İstanbul and comparatively with the world metropolises. Within the scope of 8 courses of 21 credits,  in addition to the novelties mentioned, you will have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing projects and to work with specialist staff in the Center for Urban Studies and other relevant departments. Compulsory and multiple elective courses will be held in the form of seminars and workshops. 
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