Lifelong Learning Center
In addition to graduate and undergraduate programs of the University, ŞEHİR Lifelong Learning Center organizes various training programs to meet the needs of ndividuals and companies and carries out counseling services. Thanks to its training and counseling services, the Center incorporates the academic world with the business world, both as participants and as instructors.
The Center prepares training programs specific to institutions according to their needs, while organizing certificate programs for all. Some of these training programs can be on specific topics designated for one or two days, while some others can be long term certificate programs for helping participants gain a specialization. No atter what the scope and duration of the training program as well as transferring knowledge, the programs also aim to help participants gain the skills to implement the knowledge into their lives and continuously develop this knowledge. 

The Center has a wide range of certified training programs varying from fire safety trainers, ​editorship, authorship, conciliation, and digital marketing open to all. The Center also prepares programs specific to companies such as performance improvement, management consultation, and institutionalization projects as well as conferences on lead manager, employee motivation, and development.