Ders Planı

Sosyoloji (İngilizce)

TOTAL CREDITS: 127 Av.Semester Credits: 17 TOTAL ECTS: 240
KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
UNI 112Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II3035
UNI 118Understanding Politics and Economy3035
UNI 124Textual Analysis and Academic WritingUNI 113 veya UNI 123 derslerinden birinden başarılı olmak.3035
UNI 222World Civilizations and Global Encounters: Since 1300 CE3035
--Core Course Cluster II----00
--Core Course Cluster III----00
KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
SOC 201Sociological Imagination3036
SOC 225Research Methods3237
SOC 241Social Anthropology3036
UNI 201Formations of Modern Turkey I3035
--General/College/Departmental Elective----36
KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
SOC 203Statistics4047
SOC 230Sociology of Work and Organizations3036
SOC 242Urban Sociology3036
UNI 202Formations of Modern Turkey II3035
--Departmental Elective----36
KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
SOC 417Economic Sociology3036
SOC 420Sociology of Religion3036
--Departmental Elective----36
--Departmental Elective----36
--General/College/Departmental Elective----36
For International Students, instead of UNI 111 and UNI 112, two of UNI 115, 116, 215, 216, 315, 316 courses will be given.
General Electives: All the Courses offered within the university excluding the courses offered by the college.
Departmental Electives: Courses offered by the department with its own code
College Electives: All the Courses offered within the college excluding the courses offered by the department
Courses: Total: 42, Compulsory: 29, Elective: 13 (General/College/Departmental Electives: 6, Departmental Elective: 7) Elective credits/Total credits: %30
Core Curriculum: 1 course must be taken from "CCC II" courses, 2 courses must be taken from "CCC III" courses OR Total 3 courses must be taken. At least 1 from each of CCC II and III
This curriculum is valid for all the students but abovementioned total credit load is valid only for the students who will start their undergraduate studies at the academic year of 2014-2015 and later.
Total credit required for graduation will be 124 for those started their undergraduate studies before that academic year.
The students who started their undergraduate studies before the academic year of 2014-2015, does not have to take SOC 201 as a compulsory course but must take an extra departmental elective.
KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
MATH 103Calculus I - Differential3246
MATH 104Calculus II - IntegralMATH 1033246
PHIL 101Logic I3035
PHIL 102Modern Logic3035
UNI 101Mathematical Reasoning3035
UNI 102Critical Thinking3035
UNI 137Mathematics for Practice3035
KoduDersÖn KoşulTeoriU SaatKrediAKTS
ARAB 101Arabic I3035
ARAB 102Arabic II3035
ARAB 201Arabic III3035
ARAB 202Arabic IV3035
ARM 101Armenian0035
CHI 101Chinese I3035
CHI 102Chinese II0035
CS 200Summer Practice0005
CS 240Exploratory Data AnalysisENGR 1053034
CS 300Summer Practice0005
CS 351Computer ArchitectureEECS 2183035
CS 352Operating SystemsENGR 2123035
CS 361SoftwareENGR 2123035
CS 362Machine IntelligenceENGR 2123035
CS 371Data Structures and AlgorithmsENGR 2113035
CS 372Advanced AlgorithmsCS 3713035
CTV 201Basic Photography2235
CTV 202Advanced Photography2235
CTV 203Art of Storytelling3035
CTV 204Screenwriting3035
CTV 205Key Concepts in Moving Image Studies3035
CTV 206Film History and Historiography3035
CTV 207Introduction to Media and Communication Studies3035
CTV 208Sociology of Media3035
CTV 209Media Arts Management3035
CTV 210Video Production2235
CTV 212Editing2235
CTV 253Business Communication3035
CTV 301Introduction to Cinematography2235
CTV 303Film Theory and Aesthetics3035
CTV 304New Ways of Seeing3035
CTV 305Television Studies2235
CTV 306Ethnography in/of Media2235
CTV 308TV and Film Production3035
CTV 309Film Kültürü3035
CTV 310Film Production3035
CTV 312Unutulmayan Sinema3035
CTV 313Auteur Cinema3035
CTV 314Music and Sound Design in Film3035
CTV 315Cinema in Turkey3035
CTV 320Popular Culture and Media3035
CTV 321History of Art and Culture3035
CTV 324Media Ethics3035
CTV 331Cyberculture3035
CTV 332Urban Imagery and Visual Narrative3035
CTV 333Sound Practices for Screen3035
CTV 335Critical Approaches to Modern Image3035
CTV 341Anthropology of Media3035
CTV 342Gender, Race, Class in Media3035
CTV 344Intercultural Communication3035
CTV 349Imagined Networks: Media and Migration2235
CTV 351New Approaches in Marketing Communication3035
CTV 353Services Marketing3035
CTV 355Digital Marketing3035
CTV 358International Journalism3035
CTV 401Graduation Project32410
CTV 402Senior Graduation Project32410
CTV 403Documentary Making2235
CTV 404World Cinema3035
CTV 411Silent Cinema3035
CTV 413Cinema and Politics3035
CTV 414Cinema and Feminism3035
CTV 415Filmmaking / Cinematography2235
CTV 417Film Genres3035
CTV 419Türk Medya Tarihi3035
CTV 421Cultural Studies3035
CTV 422Media as Text3035
CTV 430Art of Animation2235
CTV 431Mediated Arts Research3035
CTV 432Visual Communication and Design2235
CTV 433Experimantel Film and Video3035
CTV 436The Way to the Narrative3035
CTV 445Culture of Imaging: Representations in Art and Science3035
CTV 446Anthropology of Information Technology3035
CTV 453News Reporting and Writing2235
CTV 454Multimedia Journalism2235
CTV 457Digital Media and Culture3035
CTV 481Special Topics in Cinema and Television I3035
CTV 482Special Topics in Cinema and Television II3035
ECON 201Macroeconomics3035
ECON 202Microeconomics3035
ECON 401Global Economic Thought3035
EE 200Summer Practice0005
EE 232Probability and Stochastic Processes3035
EE 300Summer Practice0005
EE 301Circuit AnalysisMATH 206, EECS 2013245
EE 302Microelectronic Circuit DesignEE 3013245
EE 311Introduction to Electronic DevicesMATH 1033035
EE 312Introduction to Communication SystemsEECS 2163035
EE 321ElectromagneticsPHYS 104, MATH 2063035
EE 322Electromagnetics II3035
EE 324Control SystemsEECS 2163035
EE 331Digital Electronics3035
EE 332MicroprocessorsEECS 2183245
EECS 201System Design FundamentalsENGR 1053246
EECS 202Basic Digital Communication with NetworkingENGR 1053246
EECS 211Introduction to Programming3235
EECS 214Unix Operating System1224
EECS 216Signals and SystemsMATH 104, MATH 2063035
EECS 218Digital Logic DesignEECS 2410035
EECS 241Discrete MathematicsMATH 1033034
EECS 244Differential Equations and Linear Algebra3035
EECS 401Engineering Practice and Professionalism2022
EECS 402Entrepreneurship2035
EECS 403Digital Circuit Design3035
EECS 404Communication Circuits3035
EECS 405RF Circuit Design3035
EECS 407Advanced Integrated Analog Circuit DesignEE 302, EE 311, EE 3013035
EECS 413Wireless Communications3035
EECS 415Digital Signal Processing3035
EECS 416Image and Video Processing3035
EECS 417Digital CommunicationENGR 251, EE 3120030
EECS 418Information Theory3035
EECS 420Software Based Startups3035
EECS 421Antennas and Propagations3035
EECS 423Optics3035
EECS 424Photonics and Lasers3035
EECS 428Data Visualization3035
EECS 429Multimedia3035
EECS 432Mobile Programming3035
EECS 441Nano and Micro Electro Mechanical System3035
EECS 451Database Systems3035
EECS 456Principles of Computer Systems3035
EECS 457Performance Engineering of Software Systems3035
EECS 461Machine Learning3035
EECS 462Automata Theory, Languages and Computation3035
EECS 464Computer Vision3035
EECS 465Introduction to Robotics3035
EECS 466Enterprise Software Development0035
EECS 468Bioinformatics3035
EECS 471Distributed Algorithms3035
EECS 474Networks3035
EECS 475Computer Networks3035
EECS 476Advanced Computer Networks3035
EECS 481Cryptography3035
EECS 482Cryptographic Engineering3035
EECS 483Network Security3035
EECS 486Computational Genomics3035
ENGR 105Introduction to Engineering0102
ENGR 211Introduction to ProgrammingENGR 1052235
ENGR 212Programming PracticeENGR 2112235
ENGR 244Engineering MaterialsPHYS 1043035
ENGR 246Manufacturing ProcessesENGR 2443035
ENGR 251Probability for EngineersMATH 104, ENGR 1052235
ENGR 252Statistics for Engineers2235
ENGR 313Scientific Computing3246
ENGR 3142235
ENGR 422Numerical Methods3035
ENGR 461Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)3035
ENGR 497Global Design Project I Analysis12210
ENGR 498Global Design Project II SynthesisENGR 49712210
FRE 101French I0035
FRE 102French II0035
FRE 201French III0035
FRE 202French IV0035
GEN 101General Elective0035
GEN 102General Elective0035
GEN 103General Elective0035
GEN 104General Elective0035
GEN 105General Elective0035
GEN 106General Elective0035
GER 101German I0035
GER 102German II0035
GER 201German III3035
GER 202German IV3035
GRE 101Greek3035
GRE 102Yunanca II3035
HIST 201Historical Methodology3035
HIST 202Ottoman History: Beylik to Empire3035
HIST 203Early Islamic History3035
HIST 204Muslim Empires: A Concise History3035
HIST 205Mediterranean History3035
HIST 206History of Central Eurasia and Turkic Peoples3035
HIST 207Ottoman Turkish I3035
HIST 208Ottoman Turkish IIHIST 2073035
HIST 209Seljuk History3035
HIST 301Statistics for Social Sciences2247
HIST 302Research Methods3037
HIST 303Classical Ottoman History3036
HIST 304Late Ottoman History3035
HIST 305History of Medieval Europe3035
HIST 306History of Modern Europe3035
HIST 307Ottoman PaleographyHIST 2083035
HIST 308Ottoman DiplomaticaHIST 3073035
HIST 310Black Sea History3035
HIST 311Ottoman Urban History3035
HIST 312Istanbul in History3035
HIST 313History of Islamic Civilization3035
HIST 314History of Muslim Spain3035
HIST 315History of the Mamluks3035
HIST 316History of Art and Architecture3035
HIST 317History of Science3035
HIST 318Byzantine History3035
HIST 319History of the Crusades3035
HIST 320History of Colonialism3035
HIST 401Historiography: Ancient to Modern3037
HIST 402Contemporary Historiography3037
HIST 403Arap Ülkelerinde Osmanlı Dönemi3035
HIST 404Contemporary Middle East3035
HIST 405Historical Geography3037
HIST 406Senior Project3039
HIST 407History and Archaeology3035
HIST 411History of Muslim Institutions3035
HIST 412History of the Balkans3035
HIST 413History of Americas to 18763035
HIST 414History of Africa3035
HIST 415Economic History3035
HIST 416History of the Russian Empire3035
HIST 417History of Imperial China: Tradition and Transformation3035
HIST 418History of India3035
HIST 419Biography and History3035
HIST 420History of Religions3035
HIST 421Readings in History3035
HIST 422Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery3035
HIST 423Environmental History3035
HIST 424History of Classical Islamic Denominations0036
HIST 426The Mongol World Empire0035
HIST 444Psychology, History and Memory3036
HIST 495Tarih Stajı0006
HUK 101Hukuk'a Giriş3035
HUK 103Medeni Hukuk I2235
HUK 104Medeni Hukuk II2235
HUK 105Anayasa Hukuku I2235
HUK 106Anayasa Hukuku II2235
HUK 108Roma Hukuku2024
HUK 201İdare Hukuku I3034
HUK 202İdare Hukuku II3034
HUK 205Ceza Hukuku Genel Hükümler I2234
HUK 206Ceza Hukuku Genel Hükümler II2234
HUK 207Borçlar Hukuku I2234
HUK 208Borçlar Hukuku II2234
HUK 212Genel Kamu Hukuku3035
HUK 216Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku2023
HUK 301Medeni Usul Hukuku I2234
HUK 302Medeni Usul Hukuku II2234
HUK 303Eşya Hukuku I2233
HUK 304Eşya Hukuku II2233
HUK 305Ticaret Hukuku I2234
HUK 306Ticaret Hukuku II2234
HUK 307Borçlar Hukuku Özel Hükümler2234
HUK 308Ceza Hukuku Özel Hükümler2234
HUK 309İnsan Hakları Hukuku2023
HUK 310İdari Yargılama Hukuku3033
HUK 311Türk Hukuk Tarihi I2024
HUK 312Türk Hukuk Tarihi II2024
HUK 313İhale Hukuku2023
HUK 314İmar Hukuku2023
HUK 317Kriminoloji2023
HUK 320Tüketici Hukuku2023
HUK 325Anayasa Yargısı2023
HUK 328Bilişim Hukuku2023
HUK 401İcra - İflas Hukuku I2235
HUK 402İcra - İflas Hukuku II2235
HUK 403Sigorta Hukuku2023
HUK 404Vergi Hukuku3034
HUK 405İş ve Sosyal Güvenlik Hukuku I3034
HUK 406İş ve Sosyal Güvenlik Hukuku II3034
HUK 407Ceza Muhakemesi Hukuku I2235
HUK 408Ceza Muhakemesi Hukuku II2235
HUK 409Kıymetli Evrak Hukuku2023
HUK 410Deniz Ticaret Hukuku2023
HUK 414İslam Hukuku2023
HUK 417Adli Yazışma Usulleri2023
HUK 418Sınai Mülkiyet Hukuku2023
HUK 419Enerji Hukuku2023
HUK 420Sağlık Hukuku2023
HUK 422Tebliğat Hukuku2023
HUK 424Adli Tıp2023
IE 200Summer Practice0005
IE 300Summer Practice0005
IE 316Engineering EconomicsMATH 1040035
IE 321Deterministic Models in ORMATH 2052235
IE 322Stochastic Models in ORIE 3212235
IE 324Simulation2235
IE 333Quality Engineering and Reliability3035
IE 344Design and Analysis of Manufacturing SystemsIE 3212235
IE 371Ergonomics3035
IE 4262235
IE 427Graph Theory0035
IE 434Data Mining0035
IE 435Forecasting and Time Series0035
IE 438Design of Experiments0035
IE 442Advanced Materials Science for Engineers0035
IE 448Product Design and Innovation0035
IE 451Project Management2235
IE 452Stochastic Processes and Queueing0035
IE 458Scheduling and Sequencing3035
IE 463Finance for Engineers3035
IE 488Agile Methods3035
IE 493Seminars in Industrial Engineering3035
IE 494Special Topics in Industrial Engineering3035
ISS 201Kur'an Okuma ve Tecvid III2022
ISS 202Kur'an Okuma ve Tecvid IV2022
ISS 203Tefsir Tarihi ve UsulüISS 103, UNI 1232022
ISS 204İslam İbadet EsaslarıISS 103, UNI 1232235
ISS 205Hadis Tarihi ve UsulüISS 103, UNI 1232234
ISS 206İslam Hukukuna GirişUNI 123, ISS 1032023
ISS 207İslam İnanç EsaslarıUNI 123, ISS 1032012
ISS 208Kelam TarihiUNI 123, ISS 1032023
ISS 209SiyerISS 103, UNI 1232235
ISS 210İslam Mezhepleri TarihiUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 211İslam Tarihi IUNI 124, ISS 1042024
ISS 212İslam Tarihi IIUNI 124, ISS 1042234
ISS 214Türk İslam Sanatları TarihiUNI 123, ISS 1031012
ISS 275Denominations and Religious Movements in the Muslim World3035
ISS 276Introduction to Islamic Law (Fiqh)3035
ISS 280İslami İlimlere Giriş3035
ISS 301Kur'an Okuma ve Tecvid V2022
ISS 302Kur'an Okuma ve Tecvid VI2022
ISS 303Tefsir IISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 304Tefsir IIISS 1042023
ISS 305İslam Hukuku IISS 104, UNI 1243245
ISS 306İslam Hukuku Usulü IUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 307Hadis IUNI 124, ISS 1042335
ISS 308İslam Hukuku IIISS 104, UNI 1243245
ISS 309Sistematik Kelam IUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 310Hadis IIUNI 124, ISS 1042335
ISS 311İslam Medeniyeti TarihiISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 312Felsefe TarihiUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 313Din SosyolojisiISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 314Sistematik Kelam IIISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 351Güzel Kuran Okuma2023
ISS 353Kur'an'ın Ana Konuları2023
ISS 354İleri Tefsir Metinleri2023
ISS 355Hadis Tahrici ve Ricali2023
ISS 356Hadis Literatürü2023
ISS 357Mukayeseli İslam İbadet Esasları2023
ISS 358Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku II2023
ISS 359Mukayeseli İslam Hukuku I2023
ISS 360Klasik Kelam Metinleri II2023
ISS 361Klasik Kelam Metinleri I2023
ISS 362İslam Düşüncesi Tarihi IIIISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 401Kur'an Okuma ve Tecvid VII2022
ISS 402Kur'an Okuma ve Tecvid VIII2022
ISS 403İslam Hukuku Usulü IIISS 104, UNI 1242234
ISS 404İslam Hukuku IIIUNI 124, ISS 1042235
ISS 405İslam Felsefesi Tarihi IISS 104, UNI 1242022
ISS 406İslam Felsefesi Tarihi IIUNI 124, ISS 1042022
ISS 407İslam Ahlak Esasları ve FelsefesiISS 104, UNI 1241011
ISS 408Din EğitimiUNI 124, ISS 1042022
ISS 409Tasavvuf IISS 104, UNI 1242022
ISS 410Tasavvuf IIUNI 124, ISS 1042022
ISS 411Dinler Tarihi IISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 412Dinler Tarihi IIUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 413Çağdaş İslam Dünyası ve ToplumlarıISS 104, UNI 1242234
ISS 414Çağdaş İslam DüşüncesiUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 415Din PsikolojisiUNI 124, ISS 1042023
ISS 416Din FelsefesiISS 104, UNI 1242023
ISS 417Hitabet ve Mesleki Uygulama0212
ISS 418Bitirme Ödevi2012
ISS 419Türk İslam Edebiyatı2023
ISS 451Klasik Mantık2023
ISS 452Siyer Hadis İlişkisi2023
ISS 453Çağdaş Tefsir Problemleri2023
ISS 454Oryantalizm ve Hadis2023
ISS 455Ahkam Hadisleri2023
ISS 456Sünnete Çağdaş Yaklaşımlar2023
ISS 457Günümüz Fıkıh Problemleri I2023
ISS 458Mukayeseli İslam Hukuk Usulü2023
ISS 459Günümüz Kelam Meseleleri2023
ISS 460Günümüz Fıkıh Problemleri II2023
ISS 461Klasik Tasavvuf Metinleri2023
ISS 462Osmanlı Tasavvuf Düşüncesi Metinleri2023
ISS 463Hüsn-i Hat2023
ISS 464Tasavvuf Felsefesi2023
ISS 465Farsça2023
ISS 466Günümüz Tasavvuf Meseleleri2023
ISS 467Malayca2023
ISS 468Din ve Sosyal Bilimler2023
ISS 469İslam Bilim Tarihi2023
ISS 470Yahudiliğe Giriş2023
ISS 471İslam İktisat Tarihi2023
ISS 473Hristiyanlığa Giriş2023
ISS 474Urduca2023
ISS 475İslam Medeniyetinde Siyasi Kavramlar ve Kurumlar2023
ISS 476İslam Tarihi Klasik Metinleri2023
ISS 478Hadis Problemleri2023
ISS 483History of Religion: Major Faith Traditions2135
ISS 484History of Religion: Christianity and Contemporary Religious Trends2135
ITM 200Summer Internship0005
ITM 300Summer Internship0005
ITM 301International Economics3035
ITM 302Global Entrepreneurship3035
ITM 303Innovation Management3035
ITM 304International Transport and Logistics3035
ITM 306Import and Export Management3035
ITM 308International Trade Operations3035
ITM 310Supply Chain Management3035
ITM 312International FinanceMGT 3033035
ITM 401International Business Management3247
ITM 403International Marketing3035
ITM 405Business Consulting Models3035
ITM 406Global Business StrategyITM 4013248
ITM 411Cross Cultural Management3035
ITM 412Management of Multinational Corporations3035
ITM 413International Business Comm.3035
ITM 414International Human Resource Management3035
ITM 415E-Business and Trade3035
ITM 416Special Topics in International Trade3035
ITM 418History of Trade3035
ITM 420Special Topics in International Marketing3035
ITM 422Managerial Decision Making3035
ITM 440Foreign Trade Financing3035
ITM 441Special Topics in International FinanceMGT 3033035
ITM 442Special Topics in International Accounting3035
ITM 450International Economic and Trade Organizations3035
ITM 451International Econonomic Law3035
ITM 452International Political Economy3035
ITM 453Turkish Foreign Trade and Investment Policy3035
ITM 454Region Studies in International Trade3035
ITM 455Customs and Applications3035
ITM 456Gümrük ve Uygulamaları IIITM 4553035
LAT 101Latin3005
LAT 102Latin II3005
LAW 203International Law I2024
LAW 204International Law II2024
LAW 209Sociology of Law2