Tarih Programı

Educational Mission:

The program aims to provide students with appreciation of different approaches to the past and to encourage them to develop a comparative understanding of the ways in which societies and cultures change over time. The program focuses on Turkey and its environs with due attention to the Muslim world and the region’s global connections. It trains students in the fundamentals of historical thinking and provides them with a foundation for excellence, both in their lives as citizens and in a broad range of careers, including teaching, public service, museums, media, archives, tourism and advanced historical research. The common curriculum for first-year students introduces them to the basics of the humanities as well as the social and natural sciences to prepare them for the challenges and rigors of the program.

Educational Objectives:

1. The History Program will widen students’ intellectual horizons by taking them outside their own time and place, thereby providing them with a general knowledge of human history, different regions of the world, and a sense of historical time and change.
2. It will help them to appreciate and learn from the experience of other peoples and societies, and to appraise the capacities and interactions of human beings, both as individuals and as groups
3. It will develop students’ ability to read insightfully, think critically, and ask significant analytical questions.
4. It will show them how to explore these questions through careful and critical use of historical sources
5. It will help them develop their ability to make reasonable arguments and to present their findings and thoughts in good style and lucidly, whether in writing or orally. 
6. Finally, it will encourage students to think about the ethical dimensions of engaging the past and about historians’ ethical responsibilities

Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the History Department undergraduate program will have;
  • the ability to ask appropriate historical questions and to demonstrate knowledge of Islamic/Ottoman/Turkish and World history.
  • the ability to analyze a primary source, to distinguish it from secondary sources, and to use and interpret each appropriately in its historical context.
  • the ability to present historical research and analysis and to construct arguments in writing and orally.
  • ​the ability to understand how historiographical trends reflect political, social, economic, and cultural dynamics of a particular time and place.