Business Research Seminars - 25
Global Policy and Economic Diplomacy
15.03.2019 16:00
YER : AB1-1301
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Ambassador Farukh Amil
A career diplomat with extensive Ambassadorial experience in Asia, North America, the Middle East and Europe including a number of roles in the United Nations (USA and Geneva). 35 years global experience in the world’s leading capitals with extensive interaction at the bilateral and multilateral levels. Has keen interests based on equality and fairness of society especially with the additional complexities resulting from Climate Change. These include education, children, women’s empowerment and human dignity. He coined the term ‘Freedom from Poverty is a Human Right Too’ which guides him in much of his work. Is frequently invited and can regularly be heard speaking in the UN, international conferences, Think Tanks and many universities across the world on numerous topics. Educated in the United Kingdom and United States and with a diverse range of academic qualifications ranging from Physical Geography to Transportation Planning to International Law to Global Security issues. On a personal level has numerous and varied interests including art, photography, contemporary music, architecture, space science and the cinema. An exceptional communicator and writer with strong research and networking skills. Extensive multilateral work from the UN General Assembly and Security Council in New York to the Conference on Disarmament and Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. He was elected the Asia-Pacific Member to the HRC Working Group on Situations (2018) where he ensured balanced outcomes on complex issues especially pertaining to the Middle East. From participating in the First South-South Human Rights Forum (Beijing) to the NATO WMD Conference (Reykjavik) to the UNEP International Environmental Governance (Algiers), wide-ranging experience on the global stage. Bridge building abilities as exemplified by achieving the first ever OIC-EU Joint Resolution in history – it was in complex area of Human Rights. Chair the G-77 & China Group and Chair of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Geneva. Working on economic and trade issues at the Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC) meetings (Istanbul) to being the President of UNCTAD’s Investment, Enterprise and Development Commission, has diverse set of knowledge skills. A committed team player, has worked extensively with the Private Sector (particularly in Japan) and coordinated the Prime Minister’s participation in Davos 2018, amongst many other trade and business activities. From paper to practice, coordinated and managed numerous Presidential and Prime Minister level visits (Washington, New York, London, Colombo, Kuwait, Tashkent, Tokyo, Camp David, Chicago, Istanbul, Damascus, Ankara, Davos etc). Work at the Presidency in Islamabad afforded unique and specialized experience.