Business Research Seminars - 5
Multidisciplinary Way of Life
15.11.2019 19:00
YER : AB3-3302
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Arafat Salih Aydıner

Dr. Arafat Salih Aydiner is an Assistant Professor and director of Management Information Systems in the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Political Science at Istanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey. He received his doctorate in Management from Bahcesehir University and MSc. degree in Information Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has a BS. degree in Mechanical Engineering and BA. degree in Informations Systems. He joined the geographic information system research team at Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute as a research associate in NJ, USA. He served in various private companies as database administrator, project manager and general manager. He currently serves chairman of the Association of Information Technologies in Turkey. He has presented his research in several national and international conferences. He has published information systems research articles and has several articles under review at reputable journals in the area of analytics and information systems. His research interests include business analytics, information management, IT/information systems capabilities, strategic management of information systems, project management in IS, and IT governance.