Exploring Managers' Strategies and New Dynamics for Customer Participation in Financial Context
12.12.2017 15:00
YER : AB1, 1001
Meral Ahu Karageyim 

This work investigates managerial dynamics and management strategies of customer participation and co-production in financial context. We are interested in managerial dynamics because most of the studies related in co-production are about consumers and the current literature on co-production lacks empirical investigations in financial services. A multiple case study research has been conducted in order to reveal managerial dynamics of co-production in financial institutions. Several strategies and tactics have been identified related to co-production, online communities, physical communities and customer participation in financial setting. Four constructs have been chosen in order to answer essential research question: motives, processes, outcomes and problems. Investigation of these constructs and analysis of five cases revealed three different community types existing in financial context and gave important details about their evolution in time.​