Blockchain: A Game Changer From Business Perspective
19.10.2018 16:00
YER : AB7-7302
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Dr. Murat Yalçıntaş
Murat Yalçıntaş is an academician and a businessman whose name has long been among the prominent names in the academic and business world. Dr. Yalçıntaş, the former president of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) has served in many institutions and organizations in various positions throughout his career. He is currently the director of Graduate School of Foreign Trade and an associate professor of strategy and management at Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey.   He gives lectures on Strategic Management, Management and Organization, Game Theory and Leadership. He is also active in the business world in managerial positions. Dr. Yalçıntaş has many articles published in national and international refereed journals in addition to his four published books.
Dr. Yalçıntaş has been deemed worthy of many international awards including King Leopold II. the Order of Merit (Belgium), the Legion d`Honneur (France), the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic Commendatore and Honorary Professorship from Kyrgyzstan Presidential Academy.
Dr. Yalçıntaş graduated from Istanbul Saint-Joseph Private French High School and he completed his undergraduate education majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Boğaziçi University. He received his Ph.D. from Istanbul University, School of Business Administration, and his MBA from a joint degree program of Boston & Vrije Universities. Dr. Yalçıntaş speaks English and French fluently.​