Business Research Seminars - 3
Design: is this a profession or a way of thinking?
18.10.2019 19:00
YER : AB3-3302
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Prof. Hümanur Bağlı
İstanbul Şehir University, Department of Industrial Design

Graduated as an industrial designer from METU, received her masters degree from Hacettepe University, Department of Graphic Design and PhD from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Product Design. 
She worked as a design researcher in the project called "Sociability and Technology" with Intel corp., also as a visiting scholar in City Design Center, UIC, Chicago. After her academic experience as research assistant in METU and as assistant professor in Yeditepe University, she has worked in ITU, Department of Industrial Design between 2005-2018. Currently working as a design professor in İstanbul Sehir University, Department of Industrial Design. 
Among her academic interests are basic design education, graphic design, semiotics, product semantics, design thinking, sufi culture and design, entrepreneurship and innovation.