Business Research Seminars - 8
Blockchain: How the Disruptive Technology is Changing the World
6.12.2019 19:00
YER : AB3-3302
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Manal Rifki
Co-Founder / Fintech Specialist / BD Asia at Archytas Blockchain Consultancy

Manal Rifki, Co-Founder/Fintech Specialist at Archytas. Archytas is a boutique digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Turkey and with presence in Malaysia, Australia, Qatar and the United States. Its mission is to help its clients accelerate the adoption of new technologies, solve complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and ongoing innovation. Archytas provides leading courses and accredited knowledge in a range of fields for the industry 4.0 as Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, 5G, Cyber Security. 
Manal Rifki's experience in Blockchain began with her enrolment for a Phd Research in the field of Fintech, her thesis research titled ‘the future of banking’. Ms. Rifki is head of the first Research Center of Artificial Intelligence for Islamic Finance industry, later she became Marketing consultant and Advisor for several ICOs projects such as Glitzkoin, Xenchain, Ultimo Hombre, and Evangelist for BrainCities. Ms. Rifki is also the co-founder of WBW Women in Blockchain World, an initiative that started to empower women within the blockchain space to provide support, guidance and education.