Digital Marketing Seminars - 2
26.02.2019 17:30
YER : AB3-3301
This program is organized by School of Management and Administrative Sciences and Graduate School of Business.
Onur Gündoğan
He took part and worked in corporate companies which are located in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Warsaw. He is still providing consulting service in London, Melbourne and, Istanbul. He also has a marketing consultancy company and has offices in Washington along with Istanbul. And additionally, he is working in Hey Digital as Head of Digital.
- Managing Partner @ Miller & Carter Consulting - Istanbul, Washington 
- Head of Digital Marketing @Hey Digital - Istanbul 
- Digital Marketing Consultant @ Utopic Farm - Istanbul 
- Digital Marketing Consultant @ Golive - London 
- Digital Marketing Consultant @ Growth Labs - Melbourne 
- Digital Marketing Instructor & Consultant @ Türk Medya - Istanbul