Digital Marketing Seminars - 3
​​Google Ads
5.03.2019 17:30
YER : AB3-3301
This program is organized by School of Management and Administrative Sciences and Graduate School of Business. ​


Özgür Deniz Aydın 

Graduated from Bosphorus University with a BS degree in Computer Engineering. Founded Digital Graphics web agency in 2000 which he ran for 10 years. Joined DDB group in 2010 as digital business director for business development in MENA & Europe clients. Since 2013, he's been working with Google to provide training & consultancy to Google Partners agencies. He's recently co-founded Dome Academy in 2018, which provides high-quality digital marketing training. 

While highly renowned for his skills in teaching & conducting Google Ads services, he's highly experienced in digital business modeling, requirements analysis, project planning and management, digital marketing strategy. Ozgur keeps acting as trainer and coach for Google and also provides training and consultancy services to agencies and advertisers/marketing teams.