Doing Business Series - 3
Biotechnology Sector
18.10.2019 16:00
YER : AB3-3302
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Ercan Varlıbaş
Chairman, VSY Biotechnology

Ercan Varlıbaş graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1990. Then he worked at the Jahn Ferencz Hospital for 2 years; later on, he specialized in ophthalmology for 4 years. He established VSY Ltd. in 1997. He laid the foundations of VSY Biotechnology in 2009. He is implementing ‘İstanbul Biotechnology Valley’ works that started to put into practice in order to bring our country’s biotechnology ecosystem together and turn it into a permanent, sustainable structure with all stakeholders in the sector also with Biotechnology Industrialist Association as its Chairman of the Board.