Doing Business Series - 8
Ortadoğu Holding
6.12.2019 16:00
YER : AB3-3302
School of Management and Administrative Sciences

Nusret Kayhan Apaydın
Head of Construction Group, Ortadoğu Holding

Nusret Kayhan Apaydın got Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering at Middle East Technical University. He worked for ORS Rulman as Production Planning Manager, for TEI-TUSAŞ as Supply Chain Manager, for Hüni as Factory Manager, for Memorial Hastanesi as General Manager, for Bizim Toptan Gıda as General Manager, for Golf Dondurma as General Manager, for Panasonic Eco Solutions Türkiye as CEO. He is working for Ortadoğu Holding as Executive Committee Member and Head of Construction Group since 2018.